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Your Comprehensive Guide To Belkyra

Botox and dermal fillers are some of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures available today. And with good reasons: they’re safe and effective treatments that deliver amazing results. But there is a third option that is slowly rising to the top and with good reason: it also delivers amazing results while being safe for use.

This treatment is known as Belkyra (or Kybella in the United States). And if you’re interested in removing double-chins and excess facial fat, then this is the treatment for you. In this comprehensive guide, we break down this special treatment.

Everything You Need to Know About Belkyra

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is a nonsurgical injection treatment made with the natural substance deoxycholic acid, which destroys the membranes of fat cells, preventing them from accumulating and growing. In essence, it’s a fat-dissolving injection that eliminates fat in the chin, face and neck, resulting in organic, beautiful looks.

The process is also known as “chin sculpting” in some regions and countries around the world.

What is Deoxycholic Acid?

This could be best explained by Doctor Jonathan Hopkirk from Laser Clinics Australia, who told HuffPost Australia that “deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the body, aiding in digestion and the absorption of dietary fats.”

He also mentions that “the deoxycholic acid drug substance used in chin sculpting is synthetically derived.”

Research shows that there have been zero issues arising when using this “synthetically derived” form of deoxycholic acid, as it feeds into the body’s natural elements.

However, it should not be used in any other parts of the body.

What are the Benefits of Belkyra?

Many advantages come with using Belkyra as a fat-dissolving agent. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • As it’s a nonsurgical operation, it is minimally invasive (as liposuction was the only previous treatment to remove a double chin)
  • Delivers incredibly natural results with minimal downtime
  • A quick treatment process that only takes around 15 to 20 minutes in total
  • The results are permanent – yes, you read that right! As Belkyra destroys fat cells, they cannot be reproduced, and therefore, they will return in future

Who can get Belkyra?

Anyone over the age of 18 with excess chin fat can get Belkyra. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women as there is not enough research on the effects of this treatment on infants and unborn babies.

Also, those with a higher risk of infections or have chronic medical conditions should consult their primary physicians first before receiving treatment.

What is the Treatment Like?

First, you will have a consultation with the professional about what you would like to achieve. Before the treatment, it’s best to stop using anti-inflammatory and Retin-A medication a few days before and not consume any alcohol, vitamins, or caffeine, and avoid smoking.

As for the procedure itself, the experienced professional will map out and mark the injection sites for the optimal results before applying a numbing cream to stop any prickly pain.

Doctor cosmetologist makes a man an injection of liposuction into a double chin, treatment and tightening lipofilling, procedure

The number of injections you’ll receive will depend on your treatment, but on average, most patients get 20 to 30 injections, with the limit being 50. This may be performed in one session or over several, with each treatment session four weeks apart. You should not need more than six sessions in total.

Hot Tip: It is recommended you receive treatment from an established and well-respected professional who has experience delivering Belkyra. Research and speak directly with a medi spa that offers the treatment, so you get an idea about the person and process behind it.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

You might experience temporary side effects, such as mild tenderness, swelling, redness, itchiness and bruising at the treatment sites after treatment. These should subside within a few days.

Try not to press, rub or touch the treatment area and keep it iced on and off for 24 hours. You should also avoid excessive heat and sweat (like exercise) for around two days. Most importantly, do not lie or sleep on your face as the unnecessary pressure can damage results.

However, if you have trouble swallowing, an uneven smile, discoloration at the injection sites or an open sore developing, it’s best to speak to your doctor immediately.

What about the Results?

While the process is slow but steady, you should expect to see results after a few sessions, most notably after four to six weeks. Results vary from client to client depending on their treatment, the number of injections and personal goals.

We hope that this guide to Belkyra can prove useful when it comes to eliminating double-chins. If you want more information, make sure you speak to a registered and trained professional so you get the best treatment possible.