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Botox Write for Us –  Botulinum toxin, well known as botox (the brand name for the first drug of this type to be marketed), is the toxin that botulism produces. However, its ability to stimulate muscle paralysis remains used to treat certain neurological diseases and aesthetic medicine for expression wrinkles. Its numerous medical applications include: botox

The technique consists of infiltration through an extra-fine needle of botulinum toxin into the muscle of the area to remain treated, causing it to relax and inhibit its movement. Hence, its actual application in aesthetics is the treatment of expression lines, those that appear between the eyebrows, the forehead, the corners of the lips, or the eyes’ contour.

This treatment must remain applied by a specialist who knows facial anatomy since a botox prick in the wrong place can generate an annoying expression.

Surely you have heard of Botox or botulinum toxin, and you may already have an opinion regarding its use in facial aesthetic treatments. We want to tell you all the news about this treatment to rejuvenate the face and prevent wrinkles.

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