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Why Write For DivineBeautytips.com?

Beauty Write for us: Divinebeautytips.com is a online beauty community where bloggers who are passionate about beauty, makeup, skincare, hair and health are welcomed to share their thoughts and advice.

In this way we are helping people who want to learn and get tips about beauty, makeup, skincare, hair and health.

If you are expert in providing insights or advice about trending topics and tips about beauty, makeup, skincare and hairstyles, we welcome you write to divinebeautytips.com

Much Thanks to you for your interest in Writing for us

Divinebeautytips.com is always open for all bloggers, if you have passion for beauty and can translate your interests into a well-written, coherent article with a radiance of singularity, we would surely love to hear it from you.

What We Are Looking For?

1) We are looking for the trends and tips related to beauty, makeup, skincare, hair and health.

Take care of the below pointers while writing the content for us:

– How does your insights help our audience?
– What kind of audience can get benefit of your content?
– More focus on audience rather than the content?


2) Your Beauty Tutorial – You can get featured if you have a beauty tutorial

– Talk about Step by Step Guide of your beauty tutorial.
– To make if more trusted provide a before and after HQ images.
– Also you can talk about the products used**

*Note 1: The usage of provided image in actual post is up to our discretion.
**Note 2: We do not allow affiliate links.

Our Content

In divinebeautytips.com, we provide you with all the tips and tricks related to beauty and health. In particular, we cover on Makeup, Skincare, health, and fitness. Are you very much passionate about beauty?

If yes, then you are in the right place, we would always love to hear from you.

How To Write for divinebeautytips.com?

  • We are always looking for content, whether you are new to writing or more experienced.
  • The columns of divinebeautytips.com are open to guest posts but also to partner articles.
  • To Write for Us, you can contact us at info@divinebeautytips.com

Examples of Good Guest Posts

At Divinebeautytips.com we are more focused on providing genuine tips, trends, tutorials, DIY and How-to for our audience. Because of the same we are more focused on quality posts on our website.

Below are some examples of good guest posts:

  1. 10 Anti-aging Food that will keep you Young LongerWhy is this a good guest post: The aim of this post is to provide anti-aging food will keep young longer. Here we have talked about a list of 10 anti-aging food, which is very useful for skincare and beauty audience. All 10 foods are listed as pointers which will help audience to access it easy. Good feature image which talks about the topic.
  2. What is a Hair Serum and Which Serum is the Best for your Hair?Why is this a good guest post: This posts talk about what is hair serum, how to use it, and which is the best serum for the hair. In this post, the reader has got answers to all the questions related to hair serum.
  3. Everyday College Student Makeup That Will Complement Your BeautyWhy is this a good guest post: This blog post talks about tips for college students everyday makeup that will enhance their beauty. Therefore, this post has given interesting information to its users.

Guidelines for Guest Posts / Guest Articles / Write for Us

If you wish to be published on divinebeautytips.com, you must adhere to and comply with these guidelines:

  • Provide an article of at least 700 words in length.
  • The article must cover its subject in-depth and include links.
  • The links must not be commercial.
  • The article must be entirely original and unique.
  • A link to the author is authorized in the editor’s bio, at the end of the article.
  • The article must be ready to publish with titles, images in format.

How to Submit for Guest Blogging?

  • When you have composed your article, please submit it to info@divinebeautytips.com. We would love to get notified of you.
  • After the submission, our respective team will review your submission for editing and also check if it is unique before getting back to you before publication.
  • If your article is successful, we would be glad to place an author bio with a link to your blog, company, or website.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions, thank you!

You can write for the Following Topics – Beauty Write for Us

MakeUp Write for Us

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  1. Bridal MakeUp
  2. Mehandi Designs
  3. Celebrity Makeup
  4. Makeup Ideas
  5. Nail Art
  6. Face Makeup
  7. Lip Make-Up
  8. Eye Make-Up

Hair Care Write For Us


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  1. Oily Hair Care
  2. Dry Hair Care
  3. Hair Care Solutions
  4. Hair Growth
  5. Dandruff
  6. Hair Fall
  7. Hair Treatment
  8. Basic Hair Care
  9. Hair Colour
  10. Hair Care Ideas

SkinCare Write For Us

image ressult for skin care write for us

  1. anti-aging
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Glowing Skin
  5. Oily Skin
  6. Perfumes
  7. Homemade Tips
  8. Face Care Tips
  9. Skin Care Problems
  10. Face Packs And Masks
  11. Acne
  12. Beauty Secrets
  13. Skin Care Ideas

Hairstyles Write For Us

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  1. Teen Hairstyles
  2. Wavy Hairstyles
  3. Bun Hairstyles
  4. Updo Hairstyles
  5. Medium Hairstyles
  6. Curly Hairstyles
  7. Bob Hairstyles
  8. Braid Hairstyles
  9. Hairstyles Trends
  10. Bridal Hairstyles
  11. Celebrity Hairstyles
  12. Long Hairstyles
  13. Short Hairstyles
  14. Different Hairstyles

Health & Fitness Write For Us

image result for health and fitness write for us

  1. Weight Gain
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Health Conditions And Diseases
  4. Nutrition
  5. Healthy Food
  6. Diet Tips
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Yoga
  9. Home Remedies
  10. Ingredients

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