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What is a Hair Serum and Which Serum is the Best for your Hair?

Today, we will let you know everything about hair serum, and we recommend some of our favorite formulas.

If you’re like us, you may also have a 10-step hair care routine. However, a crucial product is likely still missing: a hair serum. Think this as a top coat of nail polish. You could skip it, but who wants a flat, dull manicure?

Whether you’re looking for a new serum for your dark brown hair or have no idea what hair serum is, you’ve come to the right place. Here we tell you everything about a hair serum that you need to know, and we recommend some of our favorite formulas.

When you’re done, you’ll realize why is it the missing piece of your perfect hair care routine.

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serums are very similar to facial serums since they give specific results to the different needs of the hair. Unlike oils, which penetrate the hair shaft, serums sit on top of the hair and cover the strands to make your hair look and feel instantly better.

Most hair serums are excellent for treating frizz and add shine while protecting the strands of environmental aggressors and your daily routine.

Which Serum is best for your hair?

While we believe that everyone should incorporate hair serums into their care routine, choosing the right formula is crucial. Before you sign up for the store, identify what needs you would like to address. Are you fighting frizz? Break? Dull, tarnished tips? Do you have very thick locks? If so, you’ll be looking for a serum heavy enough to cover your thick locks. On the other hand, you will choose a thin and light [hair serum].

Once you reflect on your needs, think about your daily routine. Do you burn it? If so, take a heat-protected [hair serum].

Do you comb your hair with the same ponytail every day? Here the recommendation is to choose a serum that strengthens and helps protect your locks from a constant pull.

Are Serums Bad for your hair?

It depends on the formula and the needs of your hair, but no serums on the market should harm your locks.

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