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5 Reasons Why It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight

Why It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight: Suppose you are struggling with weight loss, then you know there are not any shortcuts when it comes to weight loss. An important strategy for losing weight is burning out a good number of calories than you consume. You can also consider Andrew Hanoun it is one of the most effective Health & weight transformation program in industry.

Though it sounds to be very simple, it generally is not that simple. It is not about finding the right time to exercise and munching over salad than a burger; it is all about making the right commitment to health daily irrespective of all ups & downs that you face in your daily life. Let us look at top things you will have to look to get yourself over the right weight-loss track and reasons why it is tough for women to lose weight:

1. Effects of Pregnancy on Your Health

Whenever any woman gets pregnant, she may gain weight & body fat. Additionally, it is tough for the mom to find the right time to exercise & take the amount of sleep. And she will need both the things to shed extra pounds that they have collected. But, breastfeeding helps in burning out calories & weight loss at such a phase of their life.

2. Women Diet More 

Whereas it is a good idea you limit the intake of calorie, some study theorizes that the emotions, stress, as well as various external cues, decrease their willpower. The former and current dieters have higher incidents of emotional eating compared to those who were not on the diets. Does it mean women must scrap the nutritional plans? Not! It just means that it is a good idea you have a complete support network & stay aware of stressors that will lead to emotional eating.

3. Women Have Lesser Body Mass

Besides, women do not have much muscle compared to men. Since muscle helps us to burn calories, given men’s muscle mass will be higher than the woman’s, and men have the higher metabolic rate. It means that without the right exercise, the man’s body can burn higher calories every day, leading to a higher caloric deficit & weight loss.

4. Emotions can make you fat 

You heard it right, it is possible! Women need to deal with stress & anxiety in their day-to-day lives than men. It increases the incidence of emotional eating among women as well as gives them the tendency of falling prey to the sudden spikes in their appetite (particularly fries, chocolate, as well as chilled soda…) Thus, you will find it difficult to bring down the weighing scale numbers. It is too once you become a mother as well as have the new stressors in life, and higher hunger owing to the breastfeeding.

5. Women Store Their Fat Differently

Women bodies ‘hoard’ some kinds of fat & relinquish them as you had the simple caloric deficit.” Generally, evolution needs to be blamed here. “Reproduction is nutritionally costly for women than for men. Thus, for a simple fact, women might at a certain point have to nourish their child (during pregnancy), and their bodies have generally evolved not just to store the fat in the strategic places (like hips, legs, and butt), but to hold on this “stubbornly.” Man can go low-carb & lose weight easily as all he needs to do is just lose weight. But, a woman’s body has got some important things in their mind, like getting enough fat to produce leptin for optimal fertility, and enough DHA to be stored in the lower-body fat that will help to build the strong baby brain.”

Final Words 

There is a combination of various factors that are important. Being a woman, the lower muscle mass will burn lesser calories when resting, and your determination might work against you, so the company you keep will attract you in eating more unhealthy food.

Do not make any mistake — most of the men have got their set of own health woes & need good support for staying healthy. With the right information, men & women will understand as well as help each other to maintain the perfect weight. You need to learn about the body mass index & how this plays an important role in the unique and personalized weight loss route.

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