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5 Top Tips to Choose Stunning Oval Cut Diamond Shape

Oval cut diamond shapes are considered as one of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement and wedding ring designs. Cuts provide the brilliance of the round shape diamond, but a more unique shape. Oval cuts are considered as the fashionable diamond cut that, when cut well, can look larger than a round shape diamond cut.

Cut diamonds offer a larger surface area than the round cut diamonds of similar size. If you are looking for a larger size diamond without investing more, an oval cut shape diamond is the perfect choice for your budget because they always appear larger than the round shape. Oval cut diamond shapes look unique and stunning, not just in ring designs, but also for earrings and pendant sets. Here are some tips to buy your perfect oval cut diamond shape:

Know Length to Width Ratio

The shape you pick depends on your preferences as well as on the ring setting that the oval diamond will be placed in. The length to width ratio will influences the overall shape of your diamond, making it either narrow or wide. 1.40 to 1.50 is the length to width ratio of the oval cut. A length to width ratio over 1.50 comes as narrow and long.

Narrow cut diamonds fit well in drop earrings and pendants whereas a oval cut would look perfect as a center stone for any ring design. If you are thinking of using side stones in your engagement ring design, then a wider oval cut would suit best. Before buying, compare length to width ratios and see what looks best for you.

Oval Diamond Cut Bowties

Bowties mainly occur because of poor diamond shape cutting and improperly aligned facets, which interferes with the light of the diamond. A bowtie is the darkened area, in the shape of a bow-tie, that appears across the center of the diamond, when viewed from certain angles. Bowties occur due to poor cutting and misaligned facets, which interferes with the light performance of the diamond. If the bowtie is what catches your eye immediately, then choose a different stone piece.

Cut Symmetry is Important

The cut symmetry is important in oval diamonds. The diamond should have identical sides and properly rounded edges that slope perfectly towards the ends. If there is even a slight amount of disproportion in the oval cut, it will be noticeable very easily.

This is where diamond cut expertise comes in, as the oval cut needs high levle of expertise and skill to craft the perfect shape. Choosing a perfectly cut oval diamond can be difficult but when you do, it is a win-win situation.

Select the Right Setting and Style

Th oval shape does not have any pointed edges, so it is not as vulnerable as cuts that have pointed edges. The most popular setting for any diamond is the solitaire setting. For the best look, choose a prong setting as this allows for the maximum amount of light reflection and visibility of the diamond.

Depending on the size of the stone, you can pick a 4, 6 or 8 prong. The more the number of your prongs, the higher the security and the more accentuated the diamond shape, but lower the visibility of the diamond.

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Pick Your Diamond Color

Oval cut diamond shapes are good at hiding their color, due to their brilliant pattern, meaning that you can drop down on the color scale and still have an excellent looking diamond. The D-G colorless grades are popular, as the less color in the diamond, the better. These grades will often give you more sparkle.

If your are chooing to set your diamond in silver colored metals such as platinum or white gold, it is best to go with a H color or better. If you have picked yellow gold or rose gold oval shaped engagement ring setting, you can simply drop the diamond color grade down to a K or an I for the best value.

Final Thoughts on Oval Cut Diamond Shapes

Oval cut diamond shapes are one of the best choices for individuals who want the brilliance of a round cut diamond shape, but with a classic look. Oval cut diamond shapes are extremely versatile and look great in all types of metals, settings, and ring designs. Because of the oval cut diamond’s brilliance, whether you select a simple setting or elaborate setting, the diamond will lend itself perfectly to the overall look of the piece. Begin with an idea of what you would love your diamond to look like and then find your perfect oval diamond.

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