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What are the perfect garments to wear under Linen dresses and pants?

Linen fabric is quite exceptional as it refines with more washes and usage. The material is versatile, giving unique qualities which are also contradicting. A fact being linen is lightweight but durable, breathable but retains warmth. Likewise, Linen fabric has a cooling factor suitable for summer but also keeps us warm during winter. Linen exclusivity defines the odds through designing multiple products despite the elasticity factor (wrinkling).

Linen remains the best fabric in designing stylish clothes, and it’s used for both casual and formal wear. Great Linen brands such as Son de Flor create a fabulous linen image for all women globally. Modern women look glamorous through elegant linen dresses, line skirts, shirts, scarves, and pants. The color choice is diverse and blends in with different accessories.

According to the Linen make, some Linen dresses and pants may be transparent, making them uncomfortable. However, there are multiple solutions to blend with the fabric and retain confidence. Based on the user, some prefer lighter linen for beachwear, sleepwear to avoid the weight. There are plenty of tips on what to wear for casual and formal wear.

Tips on what to wear under your linen dress

Transparency issue differs based on the linen user. However, one needs to check on the underwear to ensure you keep your glamour and dignity.

Neutral color linen dress

For natural linen, nude and white color underwear will do the trick. They help camouflage and remove any attention on the underwear. To keep the chic look, get matching invisible lingerie, white color, high-waist undies. It all depends on color blends; don’t use too bright or too dull keep light or white.

No transparency

Individuals with transparency “phobia” can still consider linen a favorite material. Nobody has to ditch linen due to see-through issues. Linen has a great way of blending with any fabric or cloth. It is easy to layer linen and keep an elegant look. The user can wear a Linen dress with pants or baggy shirts for linen trousers. You can match underwear colors with the dress or use a lightweight petticoat.

What garment to wear under linen tops?

Nude underwear

Women bothered by see-through tops can blend in nude underwear such as neutral-colored bras or with simple, light colors. To avoid attention, don’t use patterned bras, especially on white linen tops.

Crop top

You can use crop tops for better coverage and keep the perfect look. Ensure it is tight enough to avoid a messy look. One can also wear the crop top with baggy linen tops and pants.

High waist pants or skirt

High waist pants will cover your belly and give you a chance to wear a nice bra with a linen top. The high waist skirt or pant style helps avoid wearing extra clothes to cover your belly.


Though see-through is a natural character in linen clothes, it shouldn’t hinder you from experiencing the best of linen fashion. The fabric requires you to figure out the colors and underwear that fit the linen easily.

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