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Types of Fashion Nail Polish

Fashion Nail Polish: There are several types of enamels(Fashion nail polish). depending on the colour or finish. It is almost impossible to list them all, but at least the most important and the most fashionable will be below.


it is one that has a smooth, shiny, and creamy finish. It is classic.


To perform this type of manicure, you must use two enamels, one base, which is not cracked, and above that one cracked, they are applied in the same way as a normal one, unlike cracking when drying, cracks appear that reveal the base colour.


They usually have a metallic finish and combine two colours, depending on how the light falls on them.

Sand Effect

they are applied the same as crackle and, therefore, the same as a normal enamel, except that when they dry, they provide that curious aspect.


it is not more than the glitter enamels that we have all used for carnival, only now they are in full fashion.


They are applied just like a normal enamel, unlike they contain metallic particles that react when a magnet approaches them, as long as the lacquer is still wet.

In the market, there are many magnets with different designs, including magnetic pencils, to make ingenious drawings.


In this, the enamel also contains a series of particles, these reflect light and, according to their incidence, recreate a rainbow of colour. Some need to be used with a special base, which enhances the effect.

There are Different Types of Holographic Enamels.


The typical shine that pearls give off, a very subtle metallic.


Similar to satin, perfect for a discreet manicure.


Handcrafted and, in a few runs, a real delicacy.


This type of enamel is very curious since depending on the light they receive or the temperature at which we are, and they change colour.

How to Remove Nail Polish?

It is essential to have an effective nail polish remover that can remove all kinds of nail polish.

To remove nail polish follow these steps :

Step 1

Choose a nail polish remover, preferably without acetone and cotton balls.

Step 2

Take a cotton ball and unroll it until you get an elongated piece.

Step 3

Divide the cotton into several pieces to cover each of the nails in its entirety.

Step 4

Apply a bit of remover to each nail and let them dry a little. Then, each piece of cotton is dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 5

Then, cover the nails with cotton and let it rest on each nail for a few minutes.

Step 6

After 3 minutes, proceed to remove the cotton pieces but pushing them out of the ends of the nails. For this step, you need to apply a little pressure to the surface of the nail and push the cotton towards the tip. In this way, the enamel should come out very easily!