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Different Types of Vaping Devices – [2020]

There are different vaping subcultures and there are different vaping devices that come in different sizes and shapes to suit their needs. Are you ready to quit smoking cigarettes and try vaping? If you are, then you will first need to choose a vaping device that is beginner-friendly.

Since vaping devices come in different forms like Sourin Mod, you’ll find that choosing the best vape to start with is potentially difficult. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know the different varieties of vaping devices and which one will best suit you.

Parts of Vaping Devices

Before we dive straight into the discussion, it’s important to note that all vaping devices have 3 main basic components. These are explained below.


The collective name for vaping devices is electronic cigarettes. One main feature of vapes is the battery. It’s the key electronic component and the powerhouse of all vaping devices. The battery stores electric charge and provides the energy needed for the atomizers to function.

Some vape batteries support external and internal charging. The higher the wattage of your vaping device, the greater it’s capacity to produce thick clouds of vapor. If you want a vaping device to take part in cloud-chasing competitions, choose one that comes with adjustable voltage settings. They are more convenient for cloud chasers.


The main function of the atomizer is to heat the e-liquid to vaporize it so that it can be inhaled.


This is shorthand for electronic liquid. E cigar liquid is the solution that is fed into the tanks of vaping devices. E-liquids come in flavors including nicotine, the addictive component of tobacco which is also potentially toxic.

Types of Vaping Devices

Having looked at the basic components of all vapes, let’s now discuss the various types of vapes.

Vape Pens

As the name implies, these vaping devices are shaped like pens. They were introduced onto the market in the mid-2000s. The first vape pens made use of large batteries. But with advances in technology, vape pens have been upgraded to have modern features such as USB chargers, battery indicators, and microchips for automatic shut-off. The use of vape pens has been hugely popularized by the cannabis industry. CBD users often use vape pens to deliver cannabidiol into their systems.


Cig-a-likes is a type of vape which looks like a traditional cigarette. They are commonly found at gas stations. Cig-a-likes were invented to resemble conventional cigarettes in every little detail while giving users the feel of electronic cigarettes. A battery, an LED indicator, and an atomizer form the core components of cig-a-likes.

Vape Mod

Vape mods are known for their firepower and modern features such as sub-ohm coils and high-capacity batteries. Because sub-ohm coils have very low resistances (less than 1 ohm), more electrical current can flow through them for a more effective production of vapor clouds.

Pod Mod

As of 2020, pod mods represent the latest generation of vaping devices. They are fast gaining recognition among the vaping communities. Comparatively, pod mods use a low amount of power (below 16 watts). A nicotine salt e-juice is mostly used in pod mods.

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