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Beauty Skin Care

The Myth of Perfect Black Skin

Another myth to deconstruct for the good of women, whatever their skin colour. “You dark-skinned (black skin) women are lucky to have such beautiful and firm skin; it is undoubtedly genetic.

” We have so often heard this phrase full of prejudice and racism “unconscious” that it is time to shed light on the myth of the youthful skin of black women.

Admittedly, black women rarely use excessive anti-aging care and manage to display firm skin at an advanced age. But not being followers of racialism, we prefer to reveal three rules of life, more pragmatic to explain their secret of youth.

Impeccable Hygiene

The most crucial beauty ritual that every black woman performs daily is to take a refreshing shower by rubbing her face and body with an African sponge, known as a “net,” and a bar of soap with natural vegetable oils.

This gesture erases dead skin and traces of pollution naturally while slowing hair growth. This is how black women have little hair on the legs and do not intoxicate their skin and their body with depilatory creams: shower gel, shampoo, or glove point.

The skin must be perfectly clean and clear, an essential step for the next level.

Daily Skin Nutrition

The body is an area often cares much by women in Western societies. The skin, a mixture of oil and water, is the same organ. Body wrinkles do not reveal themselves until very late and are easily concealed under clothing. But if 90% of your skin surface sags due to lack of nutrition and hydration,

all anti-wrinkle face creams will not be enough to keep the remaining 10% firm, which will naturally follow the law of gravity by sagging in their turn!

The black-skinned woman, therefore, follow this simple rule to keep the skin of the face and the body firm for as long as possible: nourish all her skin with raw shea butter and vegetable oils from head to toe, and this from the youngest age.

In addition, Africans use to drinking water and decoctions of draining and detoxifying plants regularly for natural self-hydration of the skin.


The beauty of African women is unique. It is not based solely on the firmness of their black skin. An irresistible form of self-confidence radiates to those who look at an authentic black woman. This, whatever its physical form, thin or very wrapped.

Where does this confidence come from?We put forward the hypothesis that it comes from many invisible vectors of well-being, mastered by African women and keeps secret until then.

Here are two Secrets that we Reveal to you at the risk of receiving the wrath of all Black Women:

• Avoid unpleasant tightness by ensuring that your body’s skin is irresistibly soft every day, which will Bring lasting to spread throughout the day.

• Wear the vital energy sensor and diffuser  jewelry , discreetly at the waist from childhood. Fallen into disuse or misused by the younger generations, it continues to adorn the bodies of women over 40.