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Essential Signs You Should Consider Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery: The eyes are crucial organs in your body offering enabling vision. However, as your age, you begin developing cataracts that can cause avoidable blindness. The clamping proteins progressively become extensive, distorting and blocking your vision. However, you should not stay with impaired vision when Cory Bergman, MD, can assist in addressing your problem through cataract surgery. Knowing when to seek surgery can be complex but do not tense as this article provides essential information. The following are vital signs that may alert you need cataract surgery.

Struggling to Drive at Night

It can become hazardous to drive while you have cataracts, mainly during the night. For instance, the chances of causing accidents are high, which puts the lives of yourself and others at risk. This concern is because cataracts develop halos near light, making it difficult to see when driving. Therefore, if you are not confident while driving at night, contact your eye physicians for early diagnosis and treatment.

Having Double Vision

Even though it may sound rare, you may begin to experience double vision when you have cataracts. In most scenarios, people with cataracts report double vision in one eye. If you have cataracts, performing and completing activities becomes challenging. Avoid activities such as driving, cooking, and lifting until you have cataract surgery. Consult your eye care provider to evaluate the root of your cataracts.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision hampers your ability to move around. Also, it increases the likelihood of injuring yourself and falling and makes it complex to maintain your independence. Therefore, if you are suspicious of blurry vision, it is essential to contact your provider immediately. In most cases, blurry vision can come with several symptoms, including severe headache, difficulty speaking, and loss of muscle control in one part of your body. An instant checkup is crucial as blurry vision may be a symptom of cataracts and other severe eye problems.

Struggling to Read Even with Reading Glasses

Cataracts can be responsible for complicated vision in low light, particularly when working up close. As a result, impacted vision makes it hard to read and sew. Sometimes, you may realize these activities are even more complex, even when you use reading glasses. Luckily, cataract surgery can fix this issue, so consult your doctor if you have trouble reading, even with glasses.

Recurrent Prescription Changes

Changing prescriptions frequently to try to improve your vision may indicate an underlying cataract. Unfortunately, these frequent changes in prescription offer temporary and short-term effects. Besides, glasses cannot assist in getting extra light into the eye. In this case, cataract surgery may be an effective solution.

Cataracts are dangerous as they hamper your ability to carry out tasks such as reading, lifting, driving, and walking. Besides, they may be an indication of more severe eye complications. Thus, consult Cory Bergman, MD, if you struggle to read, drive, or walk. The ophthalmology center has been premier in offering exceptional services to patients around Casper, Rapid City, and South Dakota, Wyoming. Cory Bergman will critically provide extensive surgical management to treat cataracts completely. Call or book an appointment online today.

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