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4 Must-haves you should have in your Nail Kit

Nail art kit: Beautiful and healthy nails are the highlight of each style. With the new effects of nail polish from, which makes designs every day more original, you can put a personal statement this season and look just as you want.

Thanks to the new tools that have come out, you don’t even need to do a beauty salon visit for such nail art. Many of the tools already exist in the Nail art kit for little money in the pharmacy or perfumery. What tools do you need?

4 Must-haves you should have in your Nail art kit

Template for the perfect French Nails

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French nails are among the absolute classics of nail design. It makes your hands look good in a discreet but sophisticated way. The stencils make it easy for everyone to nail their nails with French manicures. Self-adhesive stencils are available at any well-stocked pharmacy.

It is very simple:

  • Apply a base coat first. This increases the durability of the following coats of varnish and compensates for unevenness in the nails.
  • Now the real paint, in which you can vary the following: Do you like the discreet shape, more athletic, more romantic and sexier or more feminine insole depending on the thickness desired for the white tip of the nail.
  • Paint the nail tips now with dull white paint and drag onto the template. To prevent the paint from peeling, remove it even when it is wet. When completely dry, there is a danger of the white paint peeling off with the removal of the stencil.
  • Seal the result with a top coat, so it lasts longer.

Vegetable sponges for Ombre Nails

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Be it fashion, hair color, or nails: gradients, also called “ombre,” are still a megatrend. The ombre effect is caused by odors flowing into each other, usually two.

There are no rules regarding color selection and color arrangement, and free design has no limits. What seems complicated is done super quickly with simple cosmetic sponges from the pharmacy. Here’s how:

  • Repaint the nails in one color of the two selected colors.
  • Two-colored spike you want to use, very close together on the sponge, and apply on your nails.
  • Remove debris from around the nail with a small swab dipped in nail polish remover.
  • Tip: removing problems with a layer of pre-applied cream around the nail is easy, or glue to avoid blemishes.

Rhinestones and pearls: Nail design with a touch of glamor

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Even with a small few is, alte can be put on your nails beads and stones to create a glamorous scene. Both are in the common warehouses. And also, it is an elegant design made easily and quickly:

  • Paint your nails with nail polish first in the color you want.
  • Use the tweezers to both take the stones and gently place them on the nail.
  • Press the stones now lightly to fix them.
  • Seal with a clear or topcoat.

The Pointers

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The most widely used tool, also called pointet, is an innovative tool if you want to paint precise dots or patterns on your nails. In addition, the little helper for nail design is available in various sizes with balls of different sizes at the end.

These facilitate many Nail Art techniques, such as drawing fine ornaments or implantation of rhinestones and pearls. To work with the pointer, you must

  • Paint your nails for the first time in the desired color tone.
  • Now another nail polish is spread on a plate with pales.
  • Take the tool with a little paint and pay attention to creating small dots and patterns.
  • Tip: As an alternative to the tool, you can use other rounded objects, such as pins and needles.

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