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What are the Best Color Contact Lenses for your Eye Color?

As living beings, we are always yearning to alter how we look, and eye color is no exception to this. Possessing the same eye color day in and day out can become tiresome-we can change up our clothes, style, and even our hair color, so why can’t we alter our eyes? Thankfully, there are some incredible colored contact lenses out there that can alter our eyes no matter the color. Knowing which lenses to put over different colored eyes is a difficult task, but look no further, below is a simple guide to which colors work best on brown, green, blue, and gray eyes.

Which colored contact lenses are for brown eyes?

With 70% of the population having brown eyes, most colored contact lenses are designed with this in mind. Brown eyes tend to be rich, and some may presume that dark-colored eyes are impossible to cover…think again. Although some lenses may not make an incredible difference on the darkest of brown eyes, they can lighten the shade significantly and take it away from its deep appearance, just make sure you go for an opaque lens. Light blue and light green lenses are perfect! These will lift the dark hold and push the color towards a dark/medium-light blue and green depending on your original shade. Green contacts will always look natural on any brown eye since most green lenses have specks of yellow or brown in them. Gray is the ultimate contact colour to wear with brown eyes. The shade is light enough to cover the rich display and on top of this, gray matches all skin colors and hair tones as well.

Which colored contact lenses are for green eyes?

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world, and to top this off, they tend to match with almost everything-they are very versatile. With this in mind, for people who do not want to stray away from their green gems, there are plenty of green-colored contact lenses that can be worn to provide you with a slightly darker, lighter, or more vibrant shade of green. You can opt for a playful shade that will add depth and sparkle. Brown lenses are another great option for green eyes to stick with the earthy tones. Light brown or hazel lenses are a great choice as this will keep a natural appearance whilst brightening the eye and adding a variation in color.

Which colored contact lenses are for blue eyes?

At some point in their life, everyone has wished for blue eyes, surely? Unless you were born with them. Blue eyes are sought after, something is mesmerising about having eyes as blue as the sea or the sky. If you want to keep your eyes blue and are only looking for a revamp, then choosing a more vibrant and intense shade of blue will be the best choice. Have dark blue eyes? Go for a light blue tone. Have light blue eyes? Go for a dark shade. There are plenty of blue-colored contact lenses to alter your eye color without steering too far from your natural eyes. Blue is an easy color to cover and for those wanting a change, both brown and green can work well. Opt for rich shades to ensure the brightness of the blue is dampened and masked.

Which colored contact lenses are for gray eyes?

It is reported that only 3% of people possess gray eyes, and if you are the lucky ones that do have them, they are the easiest to cover with colored contact lenses. Gray eyes can vary from person to person and tend to reveal themselves in dark grey, green-gray and blue-gray. For those wanting to enhance their eyes, pick a blue or green lens. They will be a similar coloration but will add an extra sparkle to ensure your eyes pop. To create a drastic transformation, a medium to deep brown is an excellent choice. The shades will introduce richness and softness, bringing the light gray to a darker finish.

Eyes are fascinating and present themselves in so many ways.  More people are opting for colored contact lenses to change up their appearance and hopefully, this guide has helped to outline which colored contacts you should choose for your eye color.

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