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What are contact lenses?

What is a contact lens?

A contact lens is a thin, loop lens that places over the tear film that covers the surface of the eye. The lens itself is clear, but sometimes a slight tint of colour is applies to it for easy handling.

Currently, contact lenses can be hard or soft. Most people use the latter type today, but it is not that long before that contact lenses are even blown glass.

Types of Contact Lenses

Although contact lenses continue to be used to correct vision, there are also contact lenses for purely aesthetic or novel purposes.

Coloured contact lenses can completely change the tone of the eyes, and costume contact lenses can help achieve some of the special effects we see in movies.

However, all contact lenses are US FDA regulated medical devices. The USA Both prescription contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses should be prescribed by a professional.

The reason for this is that complications, such as infection and inflammation, can result in loss of vision or blindness.

The best ways to avoid complications include:

  • Talk to a specialist if you are considering wearing contact lenses.
  • Buy contact lenses in reliable places.
  • Keep contact lenses clean and in good condition.
  • Follow all the instructions for the lenses and the products used for their maintenance.
  • Respect the use and replacement programs.

Use and Replace Programs

  • To keep your eyes and vision in perfect condition, each pair of contact lenses is manufacture and graduate to use with a certain use program and to replace after define period of time.
  • Daily disposable contact lens is wear during the day and thrown away before going to sleep to drop off a new pair the next morning. Other lenses have different replacement programs.
  • Regardless of your lifestyle and preferences, your vision care specialist can help you find the right contact lenses or vision care solutions for you. Remember always to consult a professional about your eye and vision health

Tips for Contact Lens users

  • Look for hypoallergenic products to minimize the risks of irritation.
  • When removing the lenses, it is essential to wash your hands beforehand and dry them with a very clean towel. In the same way, it is vital to also use soap and water before putting them on.
  • Be very careful with the nail polish remover: if you have just used it, do not go near your lenses, since this substance can damage them irretrievably.
  • Try to give up contact lenses when you go to the beauty center or the hairdresser since there are certain substances in these spaces that can contaminate them
  • No model of contact lens is the same as another. Never change the model, parameters, brand, or type prescribed by the professional without prior consultation.
  • Always empty and fill the aseptic solution in your lens case daily. Do not fill it or use expired solutions.
  • Avoid direct contact of contact lenses with non-sterile objects, with the top tips of maintenance bottles, with soaps, eye drops, creams, and other cosmetic products.

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