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How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring?

Men’s Wedding Ring: One of the hardest choices that a man can make on his wedding day is going to be picking the perfect wedding ring. Men don’t get the large stones and glimmering jewelry, so we’ve got to make our simple wedding bands count! So, how do we pick the best wedding ring out of the various options available?

While there are no hard and fast rules that define how you pick your perfect wedding ring, there are a few steps you can follow and a few things you can take into consideration to make sure that your wedding ring is the best for your special day.

Pick The Type Of Band You Want

There are four types of wedding bands. Classic, which is a traditional band of whatever metal your men’s wedding ring is made out of. Carved, which has a beveled design and etched edges to give the ring some texture. A diamond wedding band adds diamonds to your ring, and finally, alternative rings are made from non-traditional metals and materials and they are often the most fun to explore.

There are also silicone based rings, which are made from medical-grade silicone and are perfect for men on the go. They won’t snag on clothes, fit securely, and can fit under gloves without getting in the way. If you want to continue to live your daily lifestyle, without having to constantly remove your ring, then this is the best option for you.

Types Of Metals You Can Pick From

Once you have your perfect band, then you need to pick the metal or material you want your ring to be made of. Platinum is very popular due to its durability and the sophisticated look of the ring, plus it is hypoallergenic as well. For men on a budget you can look for palladium, which is a metal found in the platinum family that is cheaper.

Palladium is a bit softer than platinum and is often called “the poor man’s platinum.” However, it is still an amazing ring that can be strong and durable as well! You can also go for gold rings as well, and gold has various metals in its family, including white gold and rose gold.

Make Sure You Get The Right Size And Width

Some men think that if they get a ring that slides onto their finger well enough, that it is the perfect ring for them. However, you want a ring that well and truly fits, and that means that you need to get a ring that is custom made for you. If the ring is too big (even by a little) it can slip off at the worst possible times. If the ring is too small (even by a little) then you could cut off the blood flow to your finger. You need a ring that is perfectly customized to fit your finger, so make the time to head into a jewelry store and have your finger professionally measured so you can order the correct ring.

Additionally, look for the right width as well. Most men will go towards larger and wider rings, but again buy the ring that fits your finger and is comfortable for you. Try on a few rings of different widths and see what happens and what you like. You can’t make any mistakes and pretty soon you will find the one.

Ring shapes are also going to play into this as well because you can get a flat ring, a ring with a curve or dome to it, and anything else in between. Make sure to consider the shapes and see what you think!

Have Fun With It

Especially if you go down the alternative ring route, you can get a lot of really nice rings made from a lot of interesting materials. Rings that show off a hobby, what you like, the type of person you are, and more. Your wedding ring should be something that you want to wear, and not something that you only put on for special occasions or when you want to declare that you are married to the world.

Also, you can shop around. Go to different stores, ask questions, and try on different rings, because you want to make sure you find the perfect ring that will last a lifetime. So don’t be afraid to have fun and pick a ring that really suits your style, because that will be the perfect men’s wedding ring for you.