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Say Goodbye To Tartar, Gingivitis, And Bad Breath With This Edible Oil

Although they made with any vegetable oil, we recommend rinsing with coconut oil, which also helps prevent tartar, gingivitis and bad breath. Find out more about it.

In recent years, a complementary treatment with edible oil has become popular to improve oral health.

It is a practice known as oil pulling,» which in our language means «rinsing with vegetable oil. Are you interested in learning more about it?

How Does Mouthwash With Edible Oil Work?

This method for oral health can do with vegetable oils such as sesame, sunflower, and olive. However, it proves that the most effective is coconut oil.

Its high lauric acid content gives it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It scientifically proves that this organic product can help destroy Streptococcus mutans bacteria. This is the main responsible for dental erosion and another oral discomfort.

Everything indicates that its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action is responsible for conferring these benefits. However, further research in this regard suggested.

Therefore, although it can help to take care of dental health, it is not a first-line treatment against diseases.

So, if you are afflicted with diseases such as tartar or gingivitis, be sure to consult your dentist for other treatment options. Also, tell her about your intention to use this type of complementary remedies.

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What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Mouthwash?

Coconut oil is edible and has a delightful taste on the palate; Also, it is effortless to use as a rinse. It can use as a base for homemade toothpaste.

Given its ability to fight pathogens in the mouth, its regular use provides attractive benefits worth mentioning.

Helps Prevent Gum, Tartar And Mouth Disease

The coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory substances that are useful for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis, as shown by a study in the Nigerian Medical Journal.

This condition occurs when the immune system tries to attack the bacteria on the plaque. This triggers an inflammatory reaction.

The application of this ingredient reduces the waste of bacteria and alters the environment they need to increase quickly. Besides, it could also be useful against cavities and bleeding gums.

Reduces Bad Breath And Tartar

Bad breath is a shameful problem that can affect the social life and self-esteem of those who suffer from it.

This produced by the waste and gases emitted by the bacteria in the mouth, which can quickly grow in the less accessible cavities.

Rinses and flossing are the most effective ways to root them out. However, the use of edible oil can also help.

In fact, in a study published in the Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, individuals who used sesame oil had a significant reduction in wrong breath markers.

Also, it was as effective as chlorhexidine mouthwash.

How To Rinse Your Mouth With Coconut Oil?

  • Just put a tablespoon of the product in your mouth to start the treatment.
  • Rinse for about 15-20 minutes.So you can practice and increase the time. You can do other tasks while you rinse.
  • Try to move the oil into the mouth in all corners.
  • When done, don’t swallow it and spit it in the trash. It should note that the oil solidifies in the cold, so it is not convenient to throw it in the sink.
  • The mouth with warm water can rinse  to avoid the greasy feeling.
  • Besides, alternatively, it can be combined with a little baking soda to apply it as a toothpaste. In this case, we must be careful to rub the teeth slowly to avoid damaging the tooth enamel. We should not use baking soda regularly. Do you dare to try it?Do not forget that above these types of remedies, you must attend to the recommendations of your dentist. If you have signs of illness, check back soon.

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