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7 Valuable Tricks to Apply Mascara like a Pro | Divine Beauty

Do you know how to attract attention to your eyes? Yes, you were right with the mascara. The mascara is the critical component to make eye stand-in for good measure. To achieve 100%, you have to get a quality product and know how to apply it with absolute precision. That is why we bring you the best tricks to apply mascara like a professional. The most valuable tips!

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Tips for Applying Mascara Correctly

1. Choose the Correct Mask

The relationship with your eye mask can sometimes be love-hate, so you must make sure that you choose the right one. With so many types of makeup in the market that promise us an irresistible look, it is not easy to find the best one. So you must ask yourself. These found in many colors and waterproof, and you wear depending on context and your makeup.

2. Don’t Swing your Mascara Stick

Do not turn the wand in and out of the mascara tube. We do it all daily, but in truth, this only serves to push the air into the container, the mask dries faster and lumps not recommended. Instead, gently twist back and forth or in a circular motion to collect the amount of mascara you need. A professional trick to keep in mind.

3. First the Tabs above

Put the mascara on the upper lashes first, look forward, grab the wand and place it at the base of your lashes. Make a back and forth movement while moving the rod up the lashes; this will give you an excellent curl effect. Repeat until you have your lashes as thick as you want, generally two or three coats will suffice.

4. Then the Lower Lashes

For the lower lashes, tilt your head forward slightly. Use the same side-to-side movements to achieve a good mask layer. If you want to make them look even thicker, apply a coat of black eyeliner line on your eyes.

5. Brush your Lashes before and after using Mascara

If you want your mask to be smooth and without any clump and that your lashes are longer and more natural, you only have to brush the lashes before and after applying the mask. Simple and most effective.

6. Use White Primer

Have you ever heard of White Primer? It is an ideal makeup product to make lashes look longer instantly. Using it before applying mascara will give you an extra long lash. One of the best-kept secrets of makeup professionals.

7. Use a Card

If, however much you put on mascara every day, you notice that it does not fit as you want, use a small card or thick paper.
It is ideal to win in order and to prevent the mask from spreading everywhere. Your lashes will look smooth and lump-free as the paper will also remove excess mascara on the stick.

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