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9 Great Ways to Shake Up Your Beauty Routine

When your beauty routine becomes stale, you’re more likely to neglect the process altogether. It’s not recommended to take a beauty-care break, or all your hard work could be for nothing. It’s important to shake up your beauty routine every now and then to keep your routine fun, but you will also need to switch products depending on your age, the season, and your circumstances.

9 Ways to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine

1. Moisturize Neglected Areas, Like Hands and Feet

Your face isn’t the only area on your body that requires frequent hydration and exfoliation! These body parts see the most wear and tear throughout your life, so pamper them a few times a month by using a hand and foot treatment. Moisturizing hand gloves will lead to fewer hangnails and better cuticles, while a foot peel mask helps to repair cracked heels and remove calluses.

2. Use Toner for Post-Cleaning

Toners aren’t seen as necessary, even for beauty routine enthusiasts. However, using a toner as a post-cleaning product will clean out your pores of any gunk or dirt leftover from your cleanser. Plus, some formulas are capable of minimizing pores and balancing your skin’s pH. Use an alcohol-free formula to ensure your face isn’t stripped of moisture and natural oils.

3. Try New Products That Offer an Experience for Your Senses

As long as you introduce new products slowly, your skin will be able to handle the differences in ingredients. For this reason, beauty experts recommend changing your products based on the brand and not the product to make the switch easier and beneficial. For example, an Aesop’s skincare bundle will include everything you need for either a dry or oily complexion.

4. Combat Cystic Acne and Scaring With a Micro Needle Roller

The term “microneedle roller” sounds scary, but this accessory can improve the effectiveness of your skincare regimen. If you have stubborn cystic acne or scars, rolling one of these babies back and forth against your skin 4-5 times a day will help heal your face. Microneedle rollers will noticeably speed up the healing process of your skin and effectively remove dark spots.

5. Purchase an Exfoliating Towel for Body Acne

Backne (or back acne) can affect our self-esteem and prevent us from wearing clothing like open-backed dresses or shirts. An exfoliating towel coupled with some botanical body soap will make your skin resistant to breakouts. Exfoliating towels are also known to reduce acne discoloration and scarring on your body while also refreshing your skin by removing flakes.

6. Start Using Sunscreen if you Don’t Already

Sunscreen isn’t just useful in the summer, but it can also be used effectively in the winter to stop UVB rays from affecting your skin. Use broad-spectrum protection, like a cream with an SPF of at least 30, to prevent UVB rays from penetrating the skin’s dermal layers and causing damage. You should also use a foundation with SPF to double up your protection throughout the year.

7. Masks Should Become Your Best Friend

Skin needs adequate hydration to stay healthy and vibrant no matter the weather. It’s essential to use a mask after exfoliating because the formula can easily penetrate the skin after a thorough cleansing. Beauty experts seem to agree that you can’t over-mask, so layer on those charcoal, green tea, and clay masks filled with natural and soothing ingredients.

8. Clean or Replace Your Brushes

Makeup brushes aren’t self-cleaning; they’ll start to look dingy from the added layers of product. If you don’t wash your makeup brushes frequently, you could be applying weeks or months of product that may be expired or adding back your discarded face oils. None of this is good for your skin, so keep cleaning those brushes each week or purchase new ones every few years.

9. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Men and women who drink 8-12 glasses of water per day will immediately notice improvement in their skin complexion. Water adds hydration to your skin, hair, lips, hands, and feet, and it’s one of the most effective ways to improve your beauty routine, regardless of skin type.

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