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How to Remove Hair Dye Stain Successfully?

At some point, we want to try something new to our hair. But certainly not on our clothes. Whether it is a clumsy hairdresser or a messy do-it-yourself moment, learning how to remove hair dye stain successfully is a must.

Cast your worries away. We have solutions to help you keep your hair on point without sacrificing your tiles, carpet, or clothes.

The key to removing stains successfully is to treat them as quickly as possible.

Let’s Start the Stain Removal

Garments labeled “dry clean only” warrant a trip to a dry cleaner. Bring them in as quickly as possible to the laundry service that offers dry cleaning, and point out the stain to the professional cleaner. Let the cleaner know it is a hair dye stain to ensure your clothes are given the proper treatment.

Meanwhile, if it is not a dry clean only garment. You can remove the stain by doing the following steps at home.

Tending Brown, Blue, or Black Hair Dye

  1. Spot treat clothes with a stain-lifting enzyme liquid laundry detergent. Rub it gently into the stain with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse it well.
  2. Fill in bucket, basin, or sink with cool water. Soak the stained clothes with an oxygen-based bleach. Read and follow its directions. Let clothes sit for at least 8 hours or overnight. If you cannot see any stains, you can launder the clothes. But, if there are slight remains, you can repeat the process.
  3. White clothes and the stain remain after several rounds of soaking; chlorine bleach soak is your last option. Mix one gallon of water and ¼ cup of chlorine bleach. Soak your white garment for 15 minutes. Do not prolong it longer than 15 minutes. It weakens the fabric.

Dealing with Red Hair Dye

  1. Mix a quart of water, a half teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap, and a tablespoon of household ammonia. Submerge the stained area and soak it for 15 minutes.
  2. Gently scrub the dye stain with your fingers. It loosens the dye stain from the fabric. Soak it again for another 15 minutes. Rinse well before you transfer your clothes to the next solution.
  3. Prepare ¼ distilled white vinegar and a quart of warm water. Let the stained area soak for 30 minutes. Launder the garment as usual.

Hair Dyes on Carpet

You certainly cannot remove the stains by soaking the carpet for hours. It needs more patience and care. You need to treat the stain as soon as possible not to spread the stain.

  1. Gently lift the solid hair dye from the carpet’s surface. Do not rub the dye. It seeps deeper into the fibers.
  2. Treat the remaining dye with a cleaning solution. Only dab a small solution to prevent over-wetting.
  3. Blot the stain with a paper towel. Repeat if necessary.
  4. You can use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to remove dye traces.
  5. Rinse the carpet with white paper towels. Allow it to air dry.

If the hair dye remains on the carpet, it might not be removable, but you can always ask for professional help for your stained carpet.

Final Thoughts

Always treat hair dye as quickly as possible. The older the stain, the more difficult it is to remove successfully, especially when hair dyes have different compositions. You can call your trusted laundry pickup service to have your clothes laundered when you have successfully removed the stain.