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The Secret to Eliminating Static Hair and Domestication Slides

Nothing costs as much on a fabulous day as static Hair and some flights that have decided to become rebellious. Seriously, how do these baby hairs stay so vertical? It is a secret that always amazes us.

Unfortunately, these small and annoying strands keep making their presence known, especially in winter. Given our growing frustration with the frizz and the flights that insist on ruining our perfect photoshoot, we turn to celebrity stylist Justine Marjan.

Next, discover their tips and tricks to get rid of static and keep the flights in place all day and stay depressed.

Eliminate Static Hair

Keep Hair, Hydrated, and Healthy.

If you have noticed a large number of new (unwanted) fugitives during the cold season, dry air is likely causing an excess of static and frizz. The key to preventing hair from flying. Humidity. The way to avoid outliers changes on your type and smoothness of hair.

However, in general, look for moisturizing products that meet your specific hair requirements. In common, moderating rinses, shampoos, and conditioners work wonders, and a weekly mask is ideal.”

If you really want to improve the moisture in your hair and fight breakage, try a simple rinse of apple cider vinegar in the shower with cold water. “Close the hair cuticle layer and seal the split ends.”

It is also essential to use a conditioner without rinsing after showering, especially if you are doing a hot hairstyle. Marjan recommends the Balmain rinse-free conditioner spray and some hair oil with Gisou honey on the ends of the hair.

We also like L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths hairless haircut cream.

Be Careful with the Heat

If iron is overheated, it can really affect heat damage to your hair. It can blow up the cuticle layer of the hair, creating more frizz, volatility, and styling that won’t last.

“Advise hot GHD tools that only reach 365-degree levels, the ideal heat to comb the hair without disturbing damage. Once the hair is dried out, give each section a good chance of style with the dryer maintain.

Brush the Baby’s Hair

Don’t worry if you have your hair moisturized, combed without excessive heat, and yet have badly behaved frills. Spray a strong hairspray like Oribe Superfine Strong Hold hairspray on a straightening brush and let it run through the hair, focusing on the static areas. We also like the extra strong satin hair spray from L’Oréal Paris Elnett.

Choose Bedding and Towels Wisely

It turns out that your bedding and towels may be the culprits. Shocking, right? Ordinary pillowcases with cotton cause rubbing in your hair when you sleep, causing in headgear, frizz, and breakage, Expertsadvises replacing her regular sheets pillowcases with silk.

“They do not get rid of wetness or moisture from your hair, they keep it neat and your style undamaged.”
When it comes to towels, according to Marjan, using a microfiber option is ideal for the same reason. “Normal towels are too hard for our hair, especially because the hair becomes elastic when wet, which makes it much more fragile.

” If you don’t have a microfiber towel on hand, wear an old cotton T-shirt and gently squeeze out excess moisture after bathing.

Store the Dryer Sheets in your Pocket

The lack of moistness in the winter air can make outliers persist despite our efforts. “Even if you pass a drying layer or an anti-frizz layer on your hair, you can even eliminate electrical currents in the hair that cause static electricity,” says Marjan.

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