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Oil or Cream – What’s the Difference? Face Oil Vs Cream

oil or cream

Face Creams, Lotions & Oils are helpful to keep our skin soft and hydrated. In these times when the activities outside our doors are more demanding and require sunlight exposure, the skin loses the natural moisture and nourishment that our body has, making it dull and wrinkled as it goes.

That’s why using face creams, lotions & oils is imperative to keep the nourishment the skin needs. They work as cleansers and moisturizers, but how well do you know the three of these products?

Face Creams

face creams

First off, creams are popular as a leave-on product that provides nutrition and hydration to the skin. It uses oil and water just like lotion, but it’s more greasy because it has a higher oil ratio.

It retains the skin’s hydration, making the skin softer to the touch and radiant with moisture. Face creams with antioxidants such as green tea can help calm redness, irritation and skin inflammation as well.



Lotions are the most popular among the three products. With its ratio of some oil droplets and water, the cream can lock the skin’s moisture and reduce the dryness, soothing the skin’s sensitivity and removing the flaking parts.

It also combats the appearance of acne or somewhat reduces the chances of your skin breaking out because of dehydration. Since it locks down the moisture without being greasy, the lotion gives the skin the nutrition it needs.

Not only that, but the lotion is also responsible for slowing the signs of aging, repairing the rough patches and dryness, and even slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.



On the other hand, face oils have many active ingredients like niacinamide, tea tree oil, and more that lock the skin’s moisture, preventing the outside factors from evaporating immediately.

It does not have any chemicals in its substance, which catches the attention of many users.

But here’s the catch, some users do not find oils working for them as they can irritate the skin. It acts like that to their skin because of the fragrances found in it.

Differences Between Oil and Cream

difference between oil and cream

To figure out the difference between the two, we have to look at several things such as:

The Composition

As it is already stated, creams share the ratio of both oil and water for the composition. It is somehow greasy because of the oily substance.

Meanwhile, oils, on the other hand, have no ingredients other than oil. It could be composed of essential oils,  carrier oil, and nourishing oil.

The Function

Creams provide moisture for the face. Meanwhile, oil locks the moisture as it creates a new layer, preventing the water from evaporating.

Skin Types

Oils can be sensitive to some because of their fragrance, while creams can cover all skin types.



Could you combine the two to reap all the moisture that you can get from these skincare products? The answer is yes! You can enjoy both the cream and the oil at the same time.

However, you must remember that the thinnest products shall be applied first, such as the facial cream, before going into the oil.

The cream goes first because the cream is lighter than oil, and the oil works to lock the moisture in your face.

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