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Looking great in the morning? The 5 tricks before bed

If you take a little more time in the evening for the beauty routine, you can save yourself the next morning. Five tips of a radiant look overnight to avoid a long time in front of the mirror in the morning.

We would give a lot to be able to sleep a few minutes longer in the morning. If you take a little more time the night before, you don’t have to invest a lot of time in the morning. These 5 tips for a radiant look overnight reveal how the skin glows the next morning without much effort.

1. Moisture

The heaters come on, and the skin becomes dry. Moisture is vital for a radiant look. Taking a few glasses of water before going to bed provides the skin with sufficient moisture. So that the skin does not dry out on the outside, it is advisable to place a humidifier in the bedroom, especially at night.

2. Silk Pillow

Turning at night creates friction. Belly sleepers, in particular, should grab a silk pillow. Thanks to it0 antibacterial effect, the material prevents skin blemishes and draws less water. The silk proteins also ensure less fat in the hair. Stars like actress Dove Cameron swear by bedding in this way. Those who also have a medium-high pillow prevent water deposits on their faces.

3. Hairstyle in no Time

Lightly dampen the hair in the evening and spray some heat protection into the hair. If you braid yourself afterward, you have killed two birds with one stone. And if the hair is tied together, it is protected from friction, and there are less split ends. If you blow it on briefly in the morning, there are light waves that last all day.

4. Thorough Cleaning

Removing make-up is the be-all and end-all for radiant skin. Make-up remains to clog the pores and leave our skin with no breathing space. It is best to clean the face after removing make-up with a micelle cleaning water – even those who do not wear make-up should use it. Because even without make-up, dirt gets into the pores. If necessary, the complexion can be improved with a facial peel. But be careful: Peelings may only be used about once a week. Otherwise, this will damage the skin.

5. Little Helpers

Various facial care products contribute to a fresh look. Here, for example, a night serum with AHA fruit acid can be applied in the evening. Impurities are reduced, and the skin looks younger and fresher. Filabé wipes also help with skin irritation and work overnight. If the eyes still look small the next morning, you can help out a little with make-up. Simply apply some highlighter or white powder to the inner corner of your eye, and your eyes will look more awake and shine.

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