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6 Simple Office Nails Using Stones

Office Nails Using Stones: It is essential to choose a design that is not only a favorite but also an office that is pervasive as one of the women’s life work.

There are many gorgeous nail designs with stones for the office!

I will introduce the recommended designs by picking them up.

1. Use one Casually

The nails that use a large grain of sparkling bijou are also wonderful, but the nails that treat one small grain casually are also recommended for refinement!

image result for casual office nails

If you combine it with beige for office use, it will be a nail that can be chosen by anyone who likes it.

2. Mint Green x White

Because the nails change every month, I want to challenge the color and design that incorporates the sense of the season.

What I want to recommend in the spring of 2020 is mint green!

image result for mint green nail

It’s refreshing when combined with white, and it’s not too flashy, so it’s also in the office.

The design with green stone accents not only looks like spring but also feels elegance.

3. White Flower Art

image result for white flower art

Pink beige x white is not only ok in the office but also a permanent color that looks feminine at hand
If you apply flower art in white on your toes, you can create nail art that looks cute and mature.

Not only flower art but also stones can be added here and there to create gorgeousness.

4. Feminine with Rose Pink

image result for rose pink office nails

For office nails, colors such as pink beige and beige are popular, but surprisingly, rose-based pink is also elegant and familiar to the skin.

I am glad that the design with elegant art using stones and motifs looks beautiful at hand.

5. Beige Gradation makes it Elegant

Office nails that accentuate the shine of stones look elegant when finished in gradations using several beige colors for each finger.

image result for beige gradation

Warm beige nails are recommended for the present time, as they are ok for the office and look like spring.

6. Delicate Flower Art

The last one is a beige-based nail with subtle hand-painted flower art.

image result for delicate flower art nails

Even though the central stone of the flower motif is moderately accentuated and fashionable. It is never too flashy, so it is also in the office.

Beige x Black is attractive and looks like an adult woman.

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