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How to Use Pigmentation Cream and It’s Precautions – Divine Beauty Tips

Here, let’s look at how to use the pigmentation cream and points to note. When applying it to the face, warm it gently before applying it, or apply it at the end when the timing is appropriate, or apply it to the body after bathing.

When applying Pigmentation cream to the face, warm it up and apply gently

Here, take a cream containing hydroquinone as an example. As mentioned earlier, hydroquinone is a very stimulating ingredient. Improper use can cause skin problems.

If you have especially delicate skin, you should apply a patch test on thin skin before applying. To apply the patch test, apply the cream to the plaster, apply it on the thin skin area, and leave it for a full day. You can use it if the skin is not reddish or irritated after one day.

Applying too little cream can cause friction. To avoid such a condition, make sure to apply a proper amount of cream. It seems that spreading is especially good if you apply it after warming it with your palm.

Of course, washing the face before applying the cream is one of the essential points. It’s definitely not good to wash it. Let’s wash with the image of gently stroking with fluffy bubbles.

Last time to apply to face

We recommend that you apply it to the face last. Immediately after washing your face, the stratum corneum contains a lot of water. Then, the permeability of hydroquinone increases, and there are cases where the effect is too strong.

It is best to leave it on for 20 minutes after washing your face or apply it after applying lotion or emulsion. The part where the hydroquinone cream is applied does not have to be the entire face. The application method varies depending on the person’s condition and whether it is sold in public or prescribed by a dermatologist.

Hydroquinone is characterized in that its components are modified when exposed to ultraviolet light. This can cause irritation to the skin. Basically, it’s best to use it for night skincare.

If you use hydroquinone before going out, apply SPF20 sunscreen that is kind to your skin, or use a parasol or hat to prevent UV rays and take precautions.

The body is best applied after bathing

When applying a cream to the body, it is recommended to take it after bathing. It is especially good to apply it after moisturizing. Hydroquinone is one of the ingredients that are said to have a significant effect.

When using it, the important thing is to choose a cream from a reliable manufacturer. Alternatively, it is recommended that a dermatologist is involved in the development, or that a product handled by a beauty clinic is selected.

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