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Paraffin wax – What is it, Health Benefits, Steps to Use and More

Paraffin Wax has multiple health benefits.

What is Paraffin?

It is a wax made from the distillation of oil. It is used in candles, polishing products, pencils, and also to make products resistant to water and humidity. In its process, when it cools and crystallizes, it is filtered to be purified. This part is the one used in cosmetics.

Is it healthy that we apply it to the skin?

Yes, probably several of you are wondering how something like this works for your skin. But it turns out that its properties include hydration and the ability to soften it. This is because it removes dead cells, helps improve circulation, and helps open pores.

It is perfect for those who have too dry skin or want to repair nail tissue and cuticles. It is for the same reason that it is widely used in manicure centers.

Health Benefits of Paraffin wax

Those who have arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, among other rheumatic diseases, can find relief with the application of this material since it increases blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. Besides, with a gentle massage, it reduces pain. No less discomfort in the bones or muscles – such as tendinitis – can be alleviated with this wax.

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How to Apply Paraffin wax?

The easiest way is to go to a beauty center and request one of these treatments. But buying it is not so difficult either – they sell it in the same venues or perfume shops. If you do it at home, you must be careful not to burn yourself.

You should melt it in a saucepan in a bain-marie – never direct fire – and wait until it is warm. This is almost like when you heat the wax for waxing. You should cover your hands or feet with paraffin, so you should dip 3-4 times in a row until they are covered. Always check before it’s too hot.

Ideal if you can wrap the area with a plastic bag or plastic wrap; Better still if you also manage to put on a glove for the heat (like the kitchen ones). Let stand 15-20 minutes -always check the consistency; it does not harden. Over time, remove the paraffin from the skin by pushing it gently; you will notice that it comes out easily.

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