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6 Important Things To Consider When Moving Into A New House

Moving Into A New House: Change is inevitable, it signifies growth, and rejecting change amounts to rejecting growth. That said change is not easy, we prefer consistency just letting things be as they are making it hard for us to allow changes in our lives.

Moving Into a new home is a change that many of us find hard. Leaving your parents’ warm cozy house to go into college or moving into a new house far from home and your loved ones when you land a new job is not easy. All of those are changes that signify growth and are necessary if we want to move ahead in life. This article will guide you on the most important things to consider when making this very big change of moving into a new house.

1. The Size Of Your New Home

When moving into a new house you have to ensure that the place is spacious enough for you. The rooms should be big enough to allow for walking space when you arrange the furniture. This is especially important if you have children as they are often skittish.

As stated earlier, people don’t like change and most often than not we will try to arrange the new place as a replica of our previous houses. This is not at all bad as a little bit of consistency will not hurt anyone. The wine cabinet filled with champagne bottles from the champagne bottle wholesale can stay along the largest living room wall.

Your new place should be spacious enough to accommodate your furniture and feel uncluttered and homely.

2. Security

When scouting for a new house, search in good neighborhoods that are not frequented by incidents of insecurity. Safety is an important factor to consider when moving from one house to another.

Staying in a safe neighborhood will guarantee the safety of your loved ones. You won’t live in constant fear of your house getting robbed or you getting mugged on your way from work. Before you move, research the new neighborhood and establish whether the place is secure enough.

3. Is The New House Safe For Children?

A parent’s first priority is always the safety of their children. So for a parent considering moving into a new house, it is a foregone conclusion that the safety of their children will be at the forefront.

Are the stairs sturdy enough? are the window panes large enough, is the backyard safe or overgrown and full of things that could harm a child. These are the questions that should be running in a parent’s mind when foraging for a new place. Ensure that the house you are moving into is safe and comfortable enough for your kids. You should also consider other parenting tips and advice to maintain the safety of your kids in the new home.

4. The State Of The New House

When moving into a new house you should first observe and determine what state the house is in. Sometimes a house stays vacant because it’s in a deplorable state.

Maybe the backyards are overgrown with tall unkempt grass and filled with broken glass, the fence is broken and the power lines are exposed. The only way to determine this is by visiting the place beforehand and checking it out.

5. Distance To Social Amenities

The distance from the new house to social amenities like hospitals, fire stations, and the police station is also a vital factor. Unforeseen incidents always occur and that is life, there are some things that you cannot prepare for. A power surge may result in an electrical fire and you or a person residing in your house may have a medical emergency.

Having these in mind, it is important to choose a house in a strategic location that allows you to have access to these amenities.

6. Ensure That The Utilities Are In Order

Utilities are the things essential in the running of your day-to-day home activities. They ensure that your place is comfortable and safe enough to live in. They include electricity, water, gas, internet, telephone, and sewer.

When scouting for a new house always check the water supply and the power distribution points to confirm that they are in order. Being cognizant of these places is also good in case you need to switch your power off or close off the water supply in case of an emergency.

Turn on the water taps to check if the water flow is steady. Check for leaks especially in the gas supply as a gas leak could be dangerous. Check the power and internet supply cables to establish whether they are intact. Also, liaise with the utility supply companies to see if the owner had left unpaid utility bills.


A home is where your loved ones are. The process of moving into a new place and progressively turning it into a home is not easy. Embracing change is the first step of personal growth, moving from one house to another is change. It is positive as it signifies growth on many levels.

Moving into a larger house is a sign of economic growth, moving from your childhood house symbolizes personal growth and independence. Moving in with your significant other signifies growth in the relationship. This article is a guide on how to find the perfect house when moving and embracing this change that will ultimately lead to your growth.

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