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5 Reasons Why Collagen Is Important for Hair Growth

Collagen is a protein that the body produces and is responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. It has loads of applications to boost health in skin and hair and is constantly used in research to further define its healing capacities. Collagen for hair growth and skin protection has become a staple in the skincare industry.

Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are found in a range of haircare products because they help with a range of issues. While they fill in damaged gaps in the cuticle, they’re also added to shampoos to add volume and body. Amino acids make the hair shaft stronger, which helps it to maintain moisture. When combined with ingredients like silk proteins, they are used to apply a healthy shine.

Formulated for Everyone

Keratin is the protein that makes up around 95 percent of the hair shaft and is made of over 18 types of amino acids. This is a major reason why it works for all hair types, from porous to naturally curly to that which breaks easily. Another reason is that so many amino acids are merged with other ingredients to create disparate formulas that address an assortment of concerns.

5 Reasons Collagen Is Important for Skin Care

  • It firms and tones skin
  • It moisturizes
  • It minimizes scars
  • It improves skin tone
  • It diminishes wrinkles and fine lines

5 Reasons Collagen Is Important for Hair Care

1. It prevents hair loss

Though a powerful serum for hair growth contains such formidable ingredients as niacin and capixyl, collagen provides amino acids that can be used to build hair. At the same time, by contributing to the strength and elasticity of the dermis, it can slow the process of hair loss.

2. It slows down the production of gray hair

The antioxidants in collagen fight cell damage and slow the graying process. Aging itself reduces the production of cells that give the hair its color and research has shown that antioxidants may help to protect cells that have been damaged by free radicals.

3. It helps with split ends and breakage

Collagen helps hair to maintain a healthy level of hydration. When it is taken in tandem with vitamin C, it can stop the cycle of collagen deficiency that leads to brittle hair.

4. It is an antioxidant

Because collagen is an antioxidant, it fights damage caused by free radicals. These are harming agents that develop with stress, alcohol, poor dietary choices, air pollutants and smoking. Studies continue to show that the antioxidants in collagen can fight various types of free radicals.

5. It’s easy to add to your routine

Just like applying a niacinamide face cream before bed, applying collagen is an easy and straightforward endeavor. It can be added to your diet through foods or supplements. It is found in bone broth and in foods high in vitamin C. Most collagen supplements in pill or powder form are already broken down and easier to absorb.

Taking daily supplements of collagen has been proven to help the body in many ways, from strengthening bones to improving skin hydration to regrowing hair. Visit an online skincare product store to learn more about how collagen is applied to various skincare products on the market today.

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