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Mehandi Designs: Best Bridal Mehandi Designs | Different Types of Mehandi Designs

The wedding season is almost there, and many brides will be busy preparing for their big day. Here are some beautiful Mehandi Designs for brides at their wedding and also in mehandi ceremony that all live up to the bride’s expectation. In addition, Mehandi for marriage is an essential part of our culture and heritage.

Before delaying sharing ideas of various designs, we explain some fun facts about mehandi. The word originated from Sanskrit mendhika, which means a symbolic representation of the inner and outer sun. Furthermore, it is the local name given to the practice of decorating palms from henna starting in Arabia. Throughout history, this tradition came to India and became an essential part of our own culture.

The henna plant, a tall shrub found in North Africa, West Asia, and South Asia, produces a beautiful reddish tint of its leaves. After drying the henna leaves, a dry powder is obtained, which is then mixed with lemon juice and tea to get a smooth paste.

Sometimes essential oils are added to the paste to achieve a darker and more durable color. The paste is placed in henna cones and applied in designs on the palms of the bride.

Various elements are represented through mehandi designs.

Bridal mehndi design refers to the varieties that are placed in the hands of the brides.

This article will talk about some exclusive designs that will surprise the bride and groom and the guests coming to the wedding ceremony. If you want traditional or unconventional designs, here are some designs for each type of bride.

Different Types of Mehandi Designs

different types of mehandi designs


Paisley’s imprint is a classic design that will suit all brides.


This is another traditional design and art that is often used in henna designs.


Bracelet or bracelet designs are mainly focused on the wrist area. The palm, back of the hand and fingers move only to create the most modern mehndi pattern.

Geometry and Architecture:

Look at decorating your hands like royalty with Mughal architectural design. The symmetry in these highly detailed and geometric designs seems almost hypnotic. Add plaid motifs, lotus motifs, domes, and arches for a luxurious appearance.


Mandals are so famous that you can see them printed almost everywhere, from clothes to accessories. This design will be perfect for all girls.


If you are looking for a completely unusual and exotic design, then you should consider the Moroccan style. Instead of the typical curved, spiral, and twisted styles, the Moroccan pattern is more angular with lines and dots. Geometric patterns such as squares, rectangles, and triangles are used for a modern and avant-garde look. You can use Aztec design for a high fashion.


Delicate and delicate lace designs look extremely elegant and seductive. This ultra-feminine western style will beautify your hands with a variety of traditional techniques with lace glove design.

Shine and Color:

Ancient traditions slowly blend in with new styles for a great fusion. Glitters and sparkles can make the old design bold and strong.

Arabic Mehandi Designs for Bride

arabic mehandi designs for bride

When people are ready to get married, people living in Arab countries have great designs on their hands. This is one of their customs.

Let us discover the design where the dark mehndi is depicted on the palm and extends to a place that is only an inch below the elbow. The work is lovely, where you have a very sharp and detailed mehndi design. This will be excellent at your wedding. Arabic design art is most popular nowadays.

Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs with Stone Lagoon

pakistani mehandi design with stone

This is a simple pattern of Pakistani mehndi design, where a curvilinear pattern is made behind the finger. A special pattern is also placed on the back of the person’s hand.

There is a feature of this mehandi design. You can especially place white or colored stones on this special mehndi design.

Modern Abstract Bridal Mehandi Patterns

modern abstract bridal mehandi patterns

This is the latest bridal mehndi design. Furthermore, you can say that this is an abstract collection that you can consider. Some women want to differentiate themselves in the crowd. If you are one of them, this is the design you should try today.

It can also be suitable for friends or sisters of the bride who want to be attentive for the whole occasion. You can try today and surprise all your friends and relatives.

Bridal Mehndi Designs on Wrist and Hands:

bridal mehandi designs

Some of us are bored with having mehndi designs in the full palm. Therefore, we need some changes. If you are one of us, try this design. This is a bridal mehndi design designed for the wrist and fingers on the back.

Another advantage of adopting this type of design is that when the paste does not dry after applying this mehndi, you can use your hand to do some work.

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Bridal Mehndi Design For Elbow:

bridal mehandi designs for elbow

Some girl wants to get a rich sense of mehndi during the occasion. This special mehandi design extending to the elbow looks exclusive. This is another example of wealth and dense work everywhere. It is an ideal collection for all weddings that require dense work in their hands. We cannot adopt this design.

You have to call a professional. You should select suitable and latest mehndi designs for your wedding dress. It has dense mehndi art, but the design is slightly different. You can get a specific look at this design.

Rosie Looks in Mehndi Design

rose mehandi designs

You must have found many types of mehndi designs. But did you see images of roses on your hands? Most of you will not have the answer. But here we present a special type of design which is called Rosie Mehandi design

Complete Bridal Mehndi

Complete bridal design

You have seen the complete mehndi, but not all are equal. Pictures and patterns differ from each other. It is a design consisting of a dense part and space. There are traces, chains, and flowers of the cross. They all make a perfect combination for the bride.

The Middle Finger and Back Bridal Mehndi Designs

middle finger and back

Just take a look at mehndi designs. It will be associated with spelling with a particular type of design. And also, it is very different from other types of mehndi designs. Here, the design is done with a print on the middle finger on the back of the hand and a proper mehndi pattern on the palm’s back. Other than that, the design is stunning. Your friends and family will be happy to take a look at this design.

Fully Nazar Back hand Bridal Mehndi

back hand bridal

These days the demand for mehndi design has increased from the back. In addition, if you want to keep a dense look on the back of your hand, you can get special variations. Whether married or single, this design will serve you exclusively on all occasions. Besides, you should verify this for your next impression. Whether you wear it with a traditional lehenga or a saree, the mehndi lehenga design is the one that will be paired with all the outfits.

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