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Top 10 Best Fairness Cream for Men in 2020

Why should women have all the fun? This is so true today when the beauty consciousness of men has grown many times. A few years ago, men needed to use unisex products or products designed for women’s delicate skin. These creams have proven inefficient due to differences in skin cell structure.

Fortunately, this void was filled by many brands that revolutionized the concept of a special men’s cream made specifically for the skin type and problem. This article describes some of the best fairness cream for men, their descriptions, and rating.

10 Best Fairness Creams for Men

This article lists some of the best fairness creams for men that the commercial market can offer, but this time it’s strictly for men and use this cream to penetrate tough layers and penetrate rough skin. You can create a technique to do it.

1. Emami Fair and Handsome

emami fair and handsome cream

Emami fairness cream is ranked No. 1 men’s fairness cream. Ideal for men’s skin. It is one of the famous fairness cream for men in the market that contributes to the revenue bucket for Emami’s corporate group.

Main ingredients: Active skin lightening technology

Direction to use: Apply it on a clean and dry face. Use regularly


  • Keeps the skin fresh
  • Brighten complexion
  • Brighten the wound


  • Doesn’t work on naturally dark skin

Rating: 3.5

2. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream

lakme - best fairness cream for men

It removes the scars of old acne, promotes long-lasting shine, and even lightens the skin’s tone in a short time. Also developed with Vitamin B3, it nourishes the skin and ensures a smooth and perfect skin with a more beautiful skin tone.

Main ingredients: Vitamin B3

Direction to use: After the skin was washed with dry, use everyday


  • Acts as a gentle sunscreen
  • Lightens the skin
  • The skin is not sticky


  • May not work on very damaged skin

Rating: 3.7

3. Olay White Radiance Protective Cream

olay - best fainess cream for men

Includes Pearl Optics Whitening Technology. Vitamin B3 goes to the sublayer of epidermal cells in a direction that helps activate the cells’ natural glow. Besides, SPF 24 PA++ protects the inner glow. This is the perfect whitening cream for men.

Main ingredients: N-acetyl and glucosamine

Directions for use: Apply freely on the washed face and neck twice a day


  • Lightweight cream
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Brighten complexion

Rating: 3.6

4. Fair and Lovely Men’s Instant Fairness Rapid Action Cream

fair and lovely fairness cream

This is one of the best facial fairness creams for men with acne-prone skin. It is a good blend of powerful vitamins that can penetrate deeply into the layers of skin. By treating dark spots and scratches from the inside, the product shows an effect on the outer layers. Refreshes the skin and nourishes it from the inside.

Main ingredients: Multivitamin boost

Directions for use: Apply cream to the entire face and massage with upward and outward spiral movements. Then apply the cream to your hands and body and gently massage.


  • Non-stick type
  • The skin is not sticky
  • Has a matte effect

Cons :

  • Doesn’t work on very damaged skin

Rating: 3.7

5. Garnier Men’s Fairness and Spot Free

garnier mens fairness cream

The dark spot turns into one of the major problems for those who cover facing large numbers of people for official social purposes throughout the day. At the moment, “Garnier” develops excellent products on the market, which makes men fair and handsome and removes all darkening of the skin caused by changes in age and lifestyle.

Main ingredients: Lemon extract, grape water

Direction to use: Apply it on clean and dry skin.


  • Cleans the skin
  • Visible result
  • Remove sunburn


  • Strong against dry and sensitive skin

Rating: 3.8

6. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum

Neutrogena fine fairness

This men’s skin glowing cream has an excellent piercing formula beneath the skin’s surface, neutralizing the production of melanin for lightening the visible skin tone. The work of the cream is perfect for passing through the hard, rough skin of men, who, in many shades, rejuvenate the tone of the skin.

Main ingredients: Brightening serum

Usage: After cleansing, apply evenly on the face and neck. Massages gently on the skin to increase absorption.


  • Controls melanin production
  • Lightens the skin to go well

Rating: 3.3

7. Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Visible Fairness Lotion

vaseline best fairness cream for men

This fairness cream contains compounds and vitamins that soften the skin. Vitamins help provide lighter skin for care. It adds a triple sunscreen, so you are protected with the sun’s UV rays and provides a logically fair skin. This moisturizes the skin and keeps it clean with only yo-yoto serum.

Main ingredients: minerals, yogurt serum, vitamin B3

Usage: After cleansing, apply evenly on the face and neck.


  • Easily available
  • Lightens the skin
  • Hydration


  • Not effective as a sunscreen

Rating: 3.9

8. L’Oreal Men Expert

loreal men expert

One of the well-known brands for skincare, the newly launched cream for men, wraps the whitening effect of the skin, and protects it from the sun’s rays, which damages the skin’s color. This keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours and hides all the dark spots that stand out on your face. This cream is good for men as it is an excellent anti-aging cream that removes wrinkles and keeps your skin youthful and fresh.

Main ingredients: Vitamin C and taurine

Direction to use: After cleansing, apply evenly on the face and neck.


  • Improve skin health
  • Brighten complexion
  • Refresh skin


  • No SPF rating

Rating: 3.8

9. Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream

nivea - best fairness cream for men

This cream reduces spots, acne scars, and spots. Nivea men’s cream contains Zinc PCA and stabilized Vitamin C to give a long-lasting glow and lighten the complexion. It defends the development of age spots.

Main ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc PCA

Usage: Apply cream and spread evenly on a clean, dry face


  • Advanced formulas
  • Lightens the skin
  • Brighten complexion


  • Not an effective SPF

Rating: 3.7

10. Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Night Cream For Men

kama ayurveda fairness cream

If you are looking for Ayurvedic prescriptions, this is your go-to product. Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening cream is one of the best night creams for men. It contains saffron, licorice, bracken, aloe, and other ingredients to moisturize the skin and, at the same time, brighten the complexion. Thus, it can be used daily for better results. This is the best fairness cream for men in the world.

Main ingredients: Aloe Vera, World Madder, Licorice and Saffron, Vetiver, Lotus School

Usage: Gently massage the face and whole neck before going to bed.


  • Natural preparation
  • No harmful chemicals
  • to go well


  • Expensive

Rating: 2.6

Final Words

These are some of the best fairness creams for men. These creams are formulated to provide the best skincare that really suits your skin. If you want to keep your performance consistent without worrying about its aesthetic appeal, we recommend investing in one of these products. Besides, indulging in a good skincare routine will result in perfect and clear skin. Look fair and handsome with these amazing creams!

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