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6 Steps To Eliminate Acne

Acne is usually a real cosmetic problem and often affects an essential part for most people: the face. Hence, acne treatment in Vancouver is the best option for the affected people that feel an urgent need to find options that help them eliminate it.

Here are some tips that could be of great help to you in achieving this goal.

What is Acne?

Acne is a persistent inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by the formation of pimples, papules, pustules, nodules, and scarring.

Although its cause is unknown, it is a fact that appears because the sebaceous glands work excessively. The result is an accumulation of fat, dead cells, and bacteria on the skin. This, in turn, results in inflammation of the hair follicle and the sebaceous glands themselves.

Depending on their severity, they are classified into four different types: mild, moderate, severe, and very severe.

Tips to Eliminate Acne

1. Hydrate

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Water is the vital liquid. Therefore, we must try to consume it daily, in sufficient quantities. And by the way, two liters are not compulsory.

It is estimated that 72% of the skin is water. Therefore, it is essential to drink water daily. Not only to eliminate acne but to have healthy skin.

2. Watch Your Eating Habits

Your diet directly influences skin health. Fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, nourish and beautify the skin. On the other hand, those made with sugars, flour, refined oils, or saturated fats have the opposite effect on it.

However, it is common for sugary cereals, pastries, pastries, chocolates, cookies, jams, and similar products to be part of our diet. In addition to being affordable, they save us the time we would spend preparing others for you.

All this, added to how tasty they are, explains why it is so difficult to change the habit of eating them. However, let’s stop to think only about some of the health problems that a diet rich in this type of food usually brings with it:

  • The appearance of unwanted acne.
  • Increased insulin levels.
  • Alteration in the production of androgens.
  • Excess fat on the skin.

3. Avoid Doing Makeup Everyday

Although makeup is ideal for enhancing those facial features that favor us, using it daily and in large amounts, can harm skin health.

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  • Whenever possible, choose quality cosmetic products, as directed by your dermatologist.
  • There are exclusive products on the market for people suffering from acne that have specific and beneficial properties when using them.
  • Neutral soaps are not recommended because the normal pH of the skin is acidic. So skin products should be as close to normal skin pH.
  • Remove your makeup and wash your face well before going to sleep. Never fall asleep with your face made up.
  • Evaluate the possibility of not applying makeup at least for a couple of days a week.

4. Maintain Proper Facial Hygiene

Nothing is more recommended to alleviate acne than keeping the skin free of impurities. This is why it is so vital to wash your face frequently with warm water and neutral soap.

To remove makeup, use a soft cream appropriate for your skin type. Never stop removing the residues at the end of the day with a well-cleaned towel with soft and small touches on the skin. This will prevent fat residues from remaining on the skin and subsequent irritation.

You could complete these cares with the application of a scrub once a week. Although there are numerous options on the market, we recommend those that you could prepare with papaya, rose water, or yogurt.

5. Get Enough Sleep

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Sleeping no less than 7 hours a day provides the body with the necessary rest while contributing to skin health. Are you aware that when we sleep, our excretory system works the most? Hence, cleaning in the morning is so necessary.

Well, a good rest will help you, among other things, to avoid the appearance of undesirable dark circles, maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

In case you can’t sleep those 7 hours at night, try to take a short nap during the day. The nap should last between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.

6. Check What Medications you Take

In some cases, this condition is not due to a lack of rest or a poor diet. Indeed, there are cases in which acne is associated with the intake of certain medications. One of the most common is birth control pills.

If this is your case, before you stop taking them, you must consult your doctor. Keep in mind that acne sometimes appears only in the first few weeks. Then, when the body has adapted to the medication, it simply disappears.

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