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Makeup for Dark Complexion- How to Make up Dark Skin? | Divine Beauty

Do you have brown skin , and are you looking for and capturing a makeup that does you justice? And not only that, but it should also help you highlight your best features. Many fair-skinned girls will feel envy (healthy) for the luck that your skin is brown. It is a complexion that has many advantages. In essence, dark circles and other imperfections hardly noticed, the skin looks silky and beautiful.

You already know that makeup depends on your tastes, the plans you have, and the look chosen for the occasion because going out to party is not the same as going to class or work. However, there are many beauty tips common to all situations: for example, if you are a girl with dark skin, you will be favored with natural makeup and not very ornate. Besides, the correctly used makeup will bring luminosity to the somewhat muted features.

However, there are times when it is somewhat difficult to find cosmetics that look good on a brown skin tone. To make it a little easier, how to make up dark skin so you can learn to get the most out of it. Do you want to know the tricks of makeup for the dark complexion? Keep reading!

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The Color Base for Dark-Skinned Girls, which one to Choose?

First of all, it is essential to find a makeup base in the color of your skin. It should not be a lighter or a darker shade. How do you know which is yours? Very simple, select a makeup base and apply a little to the neck, if it blends in with your skin tone and it is hardly noticeable, that’s the one. The support of makeup does not have the mission of highlighting anything but that of giving uniformity to the skin and helping to cover possible imperfections.

  • Do don’t forget that before putting on the foundation or any other makeup, you should thoroughly clean your face and remove all the rest of the previous makeup. Remember also that it is essential to have hydrated skin, so, you know, hydrating day and night. Help to have perfect skin!
  • You have already chosen the make up base based on your skin, what else should we know about it? Well, if you use a natural makeup base, you will have to win. It’s a great advantage, apart from being natural. And that this type of cosmetic achieves that the skin of the face left with a beautiful satin matte finish, in addition to perfect coverage, that is, radiant skin without blemishes and that gives the impression that it does not she is wearing makeup. What is worth trying?
  • You must take into account the importance of applying sunscreen. You can use a conventional one and put it on a little before your makeup, or you can get a base that already has sun protection incorporated. As you already know, the sun’s rays affect the skin throughout the year, so if you do not want wrinkles to come out prematurely, follow our advice and bet on sun protection.

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Use Bright Colors but in Small Doses

It is common to think that bright colors go for brown skin. Yes but no, that is to say, you can put on eyeshadow with some shine for your night look, or even a lip gloss of those that seem to have glitter, but you should not overload your beauty look or believe that these Glitters should always be worn, even less on a day-to-day basis. Make this maxim yours: natural makeup is the one that best highlights the features of dark-skinned girls.

As for lipsticks, if you want them to become the center of attention, you can apply fun tones and vivid colors such as fluorine pink, purple tones, or deep red or very dark. We must add that brown skin feels excellent in the tones that complement the natural tan of the skin; If you also want to take advantage of this advantage, opt for everyday lipsticks beige or light mauve.

Don’t forget about the sensation of the season: matte shades, you only have to take a look at the beauty looks of the celebs of the moment to realize that the matte lipstick works wonders on a dark complexion face. Do you want to go one step further? So choose a matte or nude lipstick that has a hint of shine. The same will happen as we said before with the makeup base, your lips will give the impression of not being made up.

Blush on the Cheeks, another Type of Beauty that you can not Miss

Put the blush on your cheeks, preferably on the cheekbones, and do it by drawing across. As for the color of the blush, for brown skin, what suits them best is the coral without recharging. That is, with a brushstroke will suffice. The skin is radiant, and the colors of the lipstick and eyeshadow brought to the nth degree. In addition to the coral color, you can wear pink tones or peach colors. Remember this beauty rule: natural blush is the most desired. Get ready to catch all eyes!

Eyeshadow and Liner for those Who Want to Show off their Dark Skin

Black mascara for an intense look with infinite lashes, a well-drawn eye stripe, and a color for the lower base of the lashes. It is not a matter of applying the darker shades, the better. But instead of combining the black  mascara with the eye-shadows. In contrast, and elegance is the best-kept secret of makeup artists.

As the key the color contrast, so to make your makeup perfect and you can cause a sensation. And you have to choose an eye shadow in vibrant and daring tones such as pastel yellow, muted purple, turquoise (perfect if in addition to having brown skin your eyes are light), olive green, navy blue and any of the range of browns. With these shades, you can start making combinations until you find the eyeshadow that best suits your tastes.

And for the night celestial shades, gold, silver, and pastel coral. Avoid too much glitter and everything will go just as you had planned.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Eyebrows Perfect for Dark Skin

Now we only have to see how to take advantage of the eyebrows. Since the background they have is brown skin, the eyebrows themselves will tend to be thick and dark. However, it does not hurt  and that  give them an extra dark brown color to erase  empty spaces of hair.

Your dark and radiant skin will look even more beautiful thanks to these beauty tips, ready to start today?

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