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Why Do Lip Fillers Go Wrong?

If you are a woman interested in lip filling, you may also have questions about the safety and the success of the designated procedure. You may also hear news about botched lip filling and have questioned why lip fillers go wrong and how it can impact the structure of your lip. Fortunately, similar to procedures like belkyra, lip fillers tend to be non-invasive and relatively harmless, but under particular circumstances, these fillers can go wrong.

Find out in what ways lip fillers can usually go wrong, what the causes are, and what the repercussions can look like.

Adverse Reactions

Women may have allergies and an increased adverse reaction to the lip filler used, and the common substance used include hyaluronic acid, collagen fillers, and silicone lip fillers, among others. Although it is uncommon to have an adverse reaction to hyaluronic acid, other substance use may not have the same effect. An allergic reaction includes swelling, itching, and redness around the lips.

Incorrect use of lip fillers

When the provider needs more experience with the procedure, there is a risk that lumps will appear on the lips making an unpleasant profile. The lips will look uneven, particularly with incorrectly injected lip fillers.

Application of the wrong product

There are lip fillers precisely intended for the lips, It is crucial for providers to select the product for such a delicate area. There should not be an appearance of an outsized lump, swelling, or redness after filling.

Disproportionate use of lip fillers

Only a medically trained provider will know how many fillers your lip requires. Any excessive lip fillers will create a duck lip or a protruding lip profile will look more unnatural than not.

Vascular Occlusion

When you receive lip fillers, a vascular occlusion can occur when a blood vessel blockage creates a blood clot. People who are prone to blood clotting should let the providers know about this problem before having the procedure to avoid this issue upon receiving fillers.

Use of counterfeit fillers

Some women who have their lips filled in a clinic that is not just affordable but downright cheap may get the surprise of their lives. There are non-FDA-approved fillers, and most of them are counterfeits. It is highly possible to find such products in these clinics. It has the highest risk and is a pitfall for trouble. You may be paying less, but when infection or serious side effect occurs, you will have to shell out more money to have it corrected.

Not following post-procedural instructions.

There are steps you can take to ensure the fast healing of your lips after the procedure, such as refraining from touching the treated areas for 24 hours and not putting any makeup on your lips for a couple day afterward. Neglecting to follow an aftercare procedure will lengthen the healing process and may even cause an undesirable outcome.

Repeated Lip Injections

When one becomes addicted to anybody enhancement, they may not have control of their enthusiasm to have one procedure after another. There should be a balanced in any beauty procedure. Make sure you rest after a procedure for at least six months to a year or until the specialists give you a signal that you can receive another treatment.

What to remember when getting a lip filler?

Choose a medi spa with a high trust rating

It is easy to browse and look for a review on clinics specializing in lip filling on any search engine. These clinics know how to enhance your appearance by highlighting your best features. But you should select a medi spa that has a high trust rating, one that you can research and find reliable reviews for any procedure you’re thinking about getting, from belkyra to lip fillers. Most of the professionals who handle beauty enhancement from trustworthy clinics are not aiming for profit but rather for the quality of their service. If you are keen on having not only a lip filler, these clinics also offer other procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, body contouring, photo facials, and other light aesthetic procedure.

Ensure that only medically trained personnel will administer the augmentation

One should be wise when getting their lips or parts of their body treated or enhanced. Only professionally trained personnel should have access to any aesthetic procedures.

Do not agree to any clinics that offer impossibly affordable service

Remember that opting for seemingly bargain procedures may offer problems afterward. You can research instead and look for a clinic that will provide a quality service instead of a cheap one.

Check for Referrals

You may have some relatives who have undergone the same procedure or even a family doctor who can refer you to a colleague and assure you of professionalism and competence.

Visit the clinic

It is best to see the credentials by yourself. Check the clinic where you want to have the procedure and see the standards they have and also the scenario in the clinic. You can also feel the professionalism just by inspecting the place.

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