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Free Tour San Sebastián – Spain Free Tours Reseñas

Free Tour San Sebastián – Spain Free Tours Reseñas – San Sebastián is one of the favorite cities for those who want to visit Spain from another perspective. If you plan to visit this city in the Bay of Biscay , close to the border with France, here we will tell you the best free tours around San Sebastian.

With a free tour of San Sebastián, you can learn the best stories and curiosities of every corner at the best price. You will take a walking tour led by a local guide who will take you through the most iconic and cultural places. This visit will allow you to see the best of the city and enjoy Basque gastronomy in its most traditional form.

What is a Free Tour?

What is a Free Tour_A free tour in Spanish allows you to get to know the city without spending a lot of money, which is a great advantage for tourists. When visiting a tourist place, you will not be left with just the facade; you will be able to learn the history and data of these places with a professional guide.

Being limited to not very large groups, the ideal is to make a reservation in advance. Also, the guides do not charge, although they receive tips, which is their primary income.

Bring water to hydrate yourself, prepare your camera, and discover places in Donostia as magical as Playa de la Concha.

Best Free Tour San Sebastián – Spain Free Tours Reseñas

We say free tours because theoretically they are free. But in these three free tours of San Sebastián in Spanish, you should leave a tip according to the service received. Of course, the amount to give to the guide is up to you.

What do you see in San Sebastián for free?

  • On the free tour of San Sebastián – Spain free tours reseñas, you will get to know the old town, its customs, and its history,
  • A free tour of the Belle Époque through San Sebastián will help you discover Donostia’s most Belle Époque years.
  • And the Free tour of the mysteries and legends of San Sebastián. Where they will reveal the most hidden secrets that the city hides.

To expand the tour offer in this city, we leave you some very cheap “Low-cost” tours that could be considered a free tour if we believe that in these we would also have to leave a tip as we have explained previously.

Free Tour of San Sebastián, the Recommended One

Free Tour of San Sebastián, the Recommended OneOn the free tour of San Sebastián, you will get to know the famous Concha beach. The old town of Donostia, its customs and history, and its delicious pinchos. On this 2.5-hour free tour, you will visit:

  • Plaza Guipúzcoa, which was the city’s first public park and was built in the 19th century,
  • Alameda del Boulevard is ideal for shopping and which separates the new part from the old part of San Sebastián,
  • Plaza de la Constitución, where the city’s major events and festivals are held, such as the San Sebastián Tamborrada,
  • The Pintxos Bars, you will walk through the streets where the pinch bars are located so that your mouth waters.
  • Church of San Vicente, where part of the performances of the “Musical Fortnight” festival is held,
  • At the end of Calle Mayor, you will find the Basilica of Santa María del Coro. Which was completed in 1774,
  • You will end up in front of the Town Hall contemplating its incredible façade.

Remember that to take this tour, you must go next to the statue of Don Quixote. In  Plaza Cervantes, on the date and time you have reserved.

Places Of Interest Seen In The Most Traditional Free Tour

Cervantes Square

This is the most important square in the city. You will find many restaurants, craft shops, and cultural buildings here. In addition, this is usually the starting point of free tours of San Sebastián.

Boulevard Alley

This is the ideal area if you love shopping or want a souvenir. The boulevard divides the old and new San Sebastián so that you will find a fusion of classical and modern culture.

Constitution Plaza

The Plaza de la Constitución is where the famous Tamborrada is celebrated, an annual festival in honor of San Sebastián, its patron saint. This festival takes place on January 20 and is one of the most surprising celebrations, with many cultural activities, music, parties, and food.

Church of Saint Vincent

This church is known for being the oldest monument in the city, inaugurated in the 1500s. A guided tour will take you to know its history, but if you have no budget. Don’t worry; this church is included in the Free Tours of San Sebastián.

Price of the Free Tour of San Sebastián

Being a free tour, it does not have a fixed price. Of course, it is recommended to tip the guide because, as we mentioned. This will help the guide to be able to offer tours to more people who will enjoy it as much as you.

Is It Necessary To Reserve?

According to the tour organizers, booking in advance due to high demand is necessary to ensure a place, especially on holidays or vacations. Reservations for large groups are not allowed. In this case, it is best to take a private tour.

Duration of Free Tours

Despite being free, these tours will offer us a very complete tour of the city of San Sebastián. That is why these tours are usually approximately 2 hours. So you can get to know the best tourist places in this Basque city as much as possible.


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