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The 20 Best Beauty Tips and Tricks that Every Woman needs to Know

In this blog, I share some practical and simple beauty tips and tricks that I found. Keep reading for more details.

20 Best Beauty Tips and Tricks for woman

Lip balm to tame the eyebrows

You can use a wax-based lotion to model and tame your eyebrows. It keeps them fit and in place all day.

Eyeliner to fill a bold forehead

You can use an eyeliner pencil to fill your eyebrows with light strokes. However, use a lighter hand than with a standard eyebrow pencil.

Eyeliner pencil as an eyeliner

The eye shadow pencil can be used both as an eye shadow and an eyeliner. Use an eye shadow pencil to give your eyes a classic smoke effect.

Give your eyes a fresh and alert look

You can clear your eyes instantly, making them appear more and more alert. Apply an uncovered eyeliner pencil on your bottom waterline. The attenuated neutral tone is less hard than the usual white eyeliner. You can also apply a bright neutral shadow or a marker on the inner corner of your eye. It not only makes their eyes shine but also gives them a fully awake expression.

Make your eyelashes look more vibrant and darker

A quick way to add intensity to your eyes without using eyeliner is with mascara printing. Gently press your mascara against the bottom of your eyelashes to give them a more complete and darker look.

Improve Your Eyelashes

You can use a loose glowing powder to improve your lashes. Try sponging some loose translucent powder between the layers of mascara to increase thickness and length. You can also apply a lash serum every night to promote eyelash growth.

Remove the mascara stain with a genetic brush

Nothing is more disappointing than getting a mascara spot on your eyes right after you put on your makeup. Don’t try to clean it with your finger or remove your full eye makeup and start over. In Its Place, you can take a little concealer brush and dip it in mild micellar water to remove the stain without damaging the eye shadow or eyeliner.

Replace Brown Eye shadow as a bronzer and vice versa

You can replace bronzers with brown eye shadows and vice versa if you run out of bronzers.

Powder blushes to cream blushes

You can add powder redness to Aquaphor to turn it into shades of cream.

Apply the blush according to your face shape

When applying the blush, use the structure of your cheekbones as a guideline to achieve a flattering appearance.

Dewy Glow on the cheeks

Rati Mam’s Vaseline tip at IMBB has become so famous. How can I miss it! Apply petroleum jelly to a moist shine on your cheeks. Dab it on the cheekbones for a natural and wet shine.

Create a dewy glow on your face

You can create a moist shine by mixing your moisturizer with its base. It gives your facial skin a dewy glow.

Use markers to get a wet shine

You can achieve a dewy glow using an illuminator or illuminator on the cheekbones and forehead, just below the eyebrows.

Contour the cheeks with matte powder

To contour your cheeks with an angled brush, use a matte powder that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Mix temples and under the cheekbones.

Translucent loose powder to fix the cream blush/eyeshadow

You can apply free, translucent, and loose powder on the cream blush and eye shadow to repair or block it. It makes it last longer.

Use facial gloss for a natural look

Tired of your typical highlighter? Try the facial shine! Instead of contouring your face, all you have to do is apply a little light to the cheekbones. The bones of the eyebrows and the center of the lips to reflect the brightness of the face.

Make your lipstick

You can mix eye shadows or blush with petroleum jelly or clear lip gloss to make your lipstick at home.

To make the lipstick matt

You can make any matte lipstick with translucent loose powder and a handkerchief. After applying your lipstick, gently press the tissue between your lips. It will remove excess oil and make the lipstick dull.

Another option is to dab the translucent loose powder directly onto your lips gently. This loose powder soaks the oil and shines, making your lipstick matt. And also, you can use both together to mattify your lipstick, apply some translucent loose powder to a handkerchief, shake off excess, and then gently pat your lips.

Marker for creating a great pot

Using the highlighter to Cupid’s bow creates an illusion of full and pouting lips.

Dip your nails in an ice cream bowl

If you want your enamel to dry quickly, you can dip your painted nails into a bowl of ice water to dry faster.


These are the best 20 Beauty Tips and Tricks that Every Woman needs to Know in 2020

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