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Understanding The CBD Language So You Buy The Right Oil For Your Pets

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is proving to change the approach to pet wellness, with an array of pet parents turning to the compound for therapeutic purposes. The compound is used in support of a broad range of ailments and disabilities for not only pets but humans. Although, pet parents have an understanding that CBD is not a recognized cure by the FDA for any of these.

Research is slow in coming for the pet community. Although, more evidence surfaces each day showing effectiveness for animals in areas like arthritis and seizure control. The results claim to bring calming for furry friends allowing for relaxation in moments of tension and stress. The compound further boasts managing pain episodes and decreasing inflammation in order to make a pet more comfortable.

There note to be hundreds of brands in real-time markets or the online medium. Each offers unique products specific to their company. One reputable site,, has a focus on bringing high-quality products to the animal population. These sites have a dedication to a specific standard of ingredients with transparency in publishing lab results from independent testing.

Is Hemp Cannabis?

More pet parents are using CBD oil as a staple in their pets’ wellness regimen based on advances in research slowly pointing to effectiveness in various health circumstances.

The cannabis plant consists of well over 100 cannabinoids meaning there is still much left to learn for everyone. What still needs comprehending is the fact that the term “cannabis” is not interchangeable with the marijuana species alone.

Cannabis is a genus that breaks down into multiple species. The two primary components are hemp and marijuana. The distinction between these two species is the chemical compounds comprising each. Hemp is devoid of significant amounts of THC, while marijuana lacks CBD.

That means that hemp cannot create a “high” like that experienced when consuming marijuana. And, while marijuana might have a therapeutic benefit, the adverse reactions brought on by THC alter consciousness disallowing the ability to tell the difference between positive effects and distress.

For an animal, elevated THC will bring a sense of high-like side effects causing physical incapacity, illness, and potentially dangerous results depending on the amount taken. It’s unusual for a fatality to occur. Still, when it does, it’s likely a pet with extreme sensitivity or who ingested a highly excessive THC count.

How To Avoid High THC Contents

You might think simply avoiding marijuana will keep your pet safe from dangerous THC count, and that is an ideal place to start. But you need to be aware of “Black Market” CBD pet products.

CBD oil products for pets are supposed to be hemp-derived with a legal THC limit of 0.3% or less. Those sold on the “Black Market” typically do not follow these rules meaning you could get products with excessive THC levels making them harmful for your fur baby.

If the brand you approach is unable to produce a Certificate of Analysis to prove the product’s THC level, you should move on. When it comes to your faithful companion, you need to see the evidence in writing, not only showing this level but assuring you there are no contaminants to fear.

Further, it needs to have an adequate count for CBD. Some of the carriers attempt to sell products with no CBD at all in the substance. Research to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable supplier. An animal’s licensed vet is an excellent resource to guide you to a company with high standards.

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