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10 Amazing Uses of Lip Balm

Lip balm is an object that every woman may have in her bag. It is the main task to protect the skin from the effect of external factors. However, in addition to its direct use, it has a number of surprising uses

#1. Prevents Blistering

It is always great to have a new pair of shoes in the wardrobe; however, sometimes wearing new shoes causes the formation of blisters that cause a lot of discomforts. If it sounds familiar, apply a small amount of balm on the reddened area and keep walking.

#2. Help to Remove your Finger Ring if Stuck

Sometimes you feel that a ring is smaller, and you can no longer remove it as easily as you put it on. The first thing you can think of is to use soap, but don’t rush to run to the bathroom, just use your lip balm. Spread the ring everywhere, and you will see that it will be much easier to remove it.

#3. Fill Scrapes on Skin Objects and Shine

If you noticed some small scratches on your shoes, use lip balm. You can also try this trick with bags, belts, furniture, or any other object that, due to scratches, looks worn and old.

#4. It is Useful for Treating Minor Injuries and Insect Bites

Thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties, lip balm easily removes various irritations, reduces itching, and accelerates the process of cell regeneration. It also fights small redness of the skin or small scratches.

#5. Help to get Rid of Static Electricity in the Hair

Lip balm helps your hair remain straight even in a humid environment. For this, apply a small amount of balm on your brush and comb avoiding touching the roots, so they do not look heavy. And if you apply the balm on the eyebrows, it will work as wax and make them look tidier and neat.

#6. It is an Excellent Assistant in Case of Nasal Irritation

When you clean your nose very often, irritation appears on the skin of the nose and around. Spread a finger with lip balm and apply it on the irritated area: it will moisturize the skin and help it to regenerate faster. However, in this case, do not use balsam with menthol; it can cause itching.

#7. It can Become a Candle

If you insert a wooden stick, a match, or just a rope in the lip balm, you will get a kind of “emergency” candle.

#8. It Helps you to Light a Fire

If you have to light a fire, but you can’t do it, apply a little lip balm on a cotton ball and light it. The cotton will burn instantly, while the oil in the balm will make the flame more intense and increase the duration of combustion, which will allow you to light a large fire.

#9. Renew your Locked Zipper

Lip balm contains oily compounds, so they are perfect for smearing zippers that are often locked or broken.

#10. Makes the Scent of your Perfume Last Longer

If you spread the lip balm in the same areas where you then apply the perfume, you will prolong the life of the perfume, and so you can enjoy its aroma for a good time.

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