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How Can We Remove Blackheads Form the Skin

If a person is affected by blackheads, he should know that it is not a fatality. Just know the good gestures and proper care to combat them. In this article, you can find our tips for cleaner, fresher, and smoother Skin.

Being unsightly, but also detrimental to morale, blackheads settle on teenagers’ Skin, and adults don’t get rid of them either! However, it is possible to combat them by knowing good gestures and taking appropriate care.

Thanks to our advice, you can eliminate blackheads and return to have a cleaner, fresher, and smoother Skin.

What are BlackHeads?

The black dot, also called “comedo,”( An open blackhead) is the visible part of an excess of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum is a fatty substance intended particularly to lubricate the Skin and prevent bacteria from penetrating into the epidermis. During adolescence, a period in which the body experiences hormonal agitation, the sebaceous glands tend to produce excess sebum.

This is what causes the appearance of a small comedo. Upon contact with the air, it oxidizes and turns black, which gives rise to the first manifestation of acne, the blackheads.

The Favorite Places of BlackHeads

As a logical consequence, black spots(blackheads) appear on the parts of the body that provide with sebaceous glands. In particular, on the face, more specifically on the famous “T zone”: the forehead, the nose, and the chin. Blackheads can also be located on the torso, shoulders, and back, more often among men.

Who can Affect BlackHeads the most?

It is certainly not, in any case, a matter of hygiene, and everyone can have blackheads. For hormonal reasons, adolescents mainly expose to these imperfections, but it also affects a non-insignificant part of adults – women and men.

How to Remove BlackHeads?

Blackheads are, therefore, due to an excess of sebum, a soil conducive to the development of acne. It is better to worry about them since their appearance. And understand that, to enjoy skincare again, it is essential to maintain good daily habits.


1. Perform Facial Cleansing with appropriate products

Wash your face in the morning(am) and at night(pm) is the basic gesture. To clean your Skin in the morning, you should use a water cleansing gel, and if your Skin is sensitive, you should choose a softer cleanser, such as a cleansing cream, to protect it.

Before going to sleep, make-up removal is mandatory, so you must choose make-up removers and specific lotions according to your skin type.

As for the boys, they should take care of the shaving moment using foams
for shaving softeners, antiseptics, and antibacterials.

2. Hydrate and Treat

Hydration is essential, also for oily Skin, because it contributes to its balance and good health. But not all creams are suitable.

To eliminate blackheads, excess sebum, and shine, you should apply daily 2-in-1 care that is both moisturizing, non-comedogenic, and purifying, formulated with specific assets.

3. Disencrust and Free the Skin of impurities

Depending on your skin sensitivity, you should use more or less frequently gentle exfoliating care that is not aggressive with your skin. The accumulation of sebum and dead cells that clog pores is in effect at the origin of blackheads and other imperfections.

It is necessary, therefore, to descale the skin regularly. But gently with the help of proper exfoliating and nutritious care. These products are formulated to purify the epidermis, remove impurities, refine the corneal layer, and to help cleaner skin.

A daily toilet with appropriate products, specific care, both moisturizing and purifying, plus regular nutrition: this ritual in 3 gestures will allow you to eliminate blackheads and recover a cleaner, simple and effective skin.

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