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7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for a Waxing Session

Waxing Session: In this contemporary world, where being clean-cut is a very important thing for many people, waxing or the process of body hair removal has been in trend. Even though having body hair is absolutely natural (considering we are mammals and have hairy ancestors) and nothing to be ashamed of, for some people, it is nothing but a nuisance. Hence, for them, body waxes exist.

Now comes the question, why do most people choose to wax over other hair removal methods?

Other hair removal methods, such as hair removal creams, razors used for shaving, and cold wax strips, may seem easier to use or even less painful, but the benefits of waxing are way more than the other methods mentioned. Waxing is safe to use as the possibility of getting cuts or skin irritation is lesser than the rest of the products. Waxing removes hair from the roots, leaving nothing but smooth and even skin with no lumps. It removes not only body hair but also the dry, dead skin that makes the skin look darker.

How long should waxing last?

As waxing just removes hair from the roots and does not permanently stop the hair growth, the hair will certainly grow back though it will take more time than others.

Considering how busy everyone is in this fast-moving world, booking an appointment for a waxing session is a big burden.

And even if you decide to do it yourself using several waxing kits that are easily available in the market, we have put together some key points everyone should keep in mind before going for a waxing session.

Hair Length:

It is advised to avoid waxing too long or too short hair. In both cases, it gets difficult for the wax to stick to the hair, making it hard to wax properly. Hair should be waxed when it is grown enough to be noticeable, at least ¼ inch long or the size of a grain of rice before you decide to rip them off, which would make it easier to wax.

Don’t Moisturize Your Skin:

You should not moisturize your skin before your waxing session, as it will be burdensome for the wax to stick to your skin well enough, making it difficult to pull the hair off, leaving some patches behind. However, you can moisturize on the days before the appointment as it is a good practice to keep your skin hydrated.

Wash Your Skin:

It is a good practice to wash your skin before your waxing appointment. Dirt or germs may increase the chance of getting infections, whereas sweaty and oily skin makes it difficult to wax the hair. If you sweat a lot, then you can use baby powder on the area to be waxed to make it dry.

Exfoliating Your Skin:

It is a good idea to exfoliate your skin to be waxed a day or two before your waxing session to remove dry, dead skin cells as well as loosen ingrown hair, giving you the best waxing results. It is to be noted that using hard scrub to exfoliate your skin before waxing can cause damage to your skin.

Skin Allergies:

Waxing would not be a good option for those who are hypersensitive or could not handle ripping off the hair of their skins. Some may even have an allergy to waxing products or waxes. It will not be the best option for them to wax as it may cause damage to their skin.

Avoid Taking Shower Before Your Waxing Session:

It is not advisable to take a shower immediately before your waxing session as it can soften your hair, making it difficult for the wax to stick to the skin, eventually not giving the best results. Though you can shower a couple of hours before the session, giving enough time for your skin to dry off.


There are certain medications that you should avoid taking prior to your waxing appointments like Prednisone, Antibiotics, and Steroids- both Oral and Topical. It is noticed that while under these medications, your skins remain hypersensitive, which can cause damage to your skin if waxed. Some other medications that may cause the adverse effect of waxing include Antihistamines, blood-thinning medicines, and thyroid medicines.

Follow these 7 things before going for a waxing session. So, now all set to wax?

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