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10 Beauty and Wellness Therapies

Essential oils, seawater, stones, seaweed, cocoa, wine are beauty treatments, and wellness therapies combine different methods to reach different things. Most importantly Oxygenate, refresh, cream, relax, feel good inside, and out with the help of these beauty therapy treatments.

 10 Beauty  and Wellness Therapies

#1. Chocolaterapia Beauty and Wellness Therapy

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This therapy based on chocolate, one of its components is cocoa. Besides, a material is rich in active ingredients such as strength, moisturizing, and redeveloping.

#2. Wine Therapy

Wine therapy is beauty and health. And the wine is anti-carcinogenic and has antioxidants, to take care of the skin and hair.

#3. Gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy uses specific stones and crystals with very relaxing, cleaning, and regenerating power. Most importantly, they help release muscle worry and problems of stress, sleeplessness, pain, or depression.

#4. Ayurvedic massage

It is an old Hindu massage method that performs from the feet to the head. And it uses essential oils which gives a very relaxing effect

#5. Algotherapy

The seaweed contains outstanding properties that help to treat skin problems. And it contains high calcium, iron, and minerals, which is a source of life for the skin. And its powerful oiling and relaxing effect that help remove muscle pains

#6. Pearl treatment Beauty and Wellness Therapy

Natural pearl brings a lot of glow to the skin due to its protein content. And, you will get a fresh and younger look, because of its tensor result that provides bounciness and feeds the skin. And also protects the skin from free radicals, repairs cells, and fights stains.

#7. Aromatherapy Beauty Therapy

It uses the oil of plants to improve physical and sensitive health. And the reality learns through smell or skin.

#8. Thalassotherapy

Marine water used to treat various illnesses because it helps reduce body pain in particular areas. Most importantly shown in such as rheumatism, osteoporosis, and diseases of the spine. Besides, it promotes the functioning of the blood system.

#9. Vichy Beauty and Wellness Therapy

The Vichy shower provides a therapeutic effect due to the combination of medicinal mineral water at a warm-warm temperature. Besides the relaxing massage given by the therapist. And also it uses essential oils.

#10. Ictioterapia

It is a fun and effective natural cosmetic treatment that removes dead skin cells from the feet. Because of small Garra Rufa fish. And these fish hide an enzyme of refreshing activity. And these fish suck the skin to feed on dead cells.

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