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5 Homemade Remedies to Grow Nails Fast

You can grow your nails faster with these tricks and natural remedies that you can prepare at home, which will help you lengthen your nails in a short time.

How to Grow Nails Faster

Here we tell you how to grow nails faster with 5 easy and homemade remedies.


A balanced diet is basic for our health and well-being, also for nails are nothing more than an extension of the skin to protect our fingers, so we can also take care of them from within.

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that help us grow nails faster, keeping them healthy, strong, and preventing them from breaking. Vitamins A, B, C, and H are especially effective.
It is also important that you include foods rich in folic acid (vitamin B29) in your diet.

The foods that will help grow strong and healthy nails are eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale, oatmeal, soy, salmon, sardines, citrus fruits, or dairy products.

Lemon Juice

Apart from taking care of your diet, there are other ways to grow nails quickly with natural and home remedies. One of them is to use lemon juice, which helps to strengthen the nail.

For this remedy, you need to mix in a bowl a tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Heat for 20 seconds in the microwave and keep your nails soaking for 15 minutes.

If you want a faster method, you can also benefit from the vitamin C of the lemon with a simple slice of it. It will be enough to rub the slice by the nails for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water, and that’s it.


Garlic is another natural product to grow strong nails and quickly. For this remedy, you need 2 cloves of garlic. It is enough to crush them or crush them in a bowl and apply the result on your nails, letting it rest for about 10 minutes. It is also useful to rub the garlic clove directly on the nail.

Another remedy to grow the nails is adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to this paste, and apply it on the nail.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also useful in growing nails, as they hydrate both the nail and the skin around it, promoting strong and healthy growth.

To use this remedy, you should heat a little coconut oil in a container and massage your nails and surrounding skin. This remedy also works very well to treat fungal nail infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar will also help to keep your nails longer and more manicured, helping to strengthen them and make them grow faster.

For this remedy, dilute ½ a glass of apple cider vinegar in another glass of water. Mix well and put your nails to soak in the solution for about 15 minutes. You will see how your nails will look healthier and grow faster.

Why do Nails Break Down?

There are many causes that can prevent you from looking long and beautiful nails. To avoid having short and weak nails, These are the habits or problems that you should stop first:
Continue use of enamels
Lack of vitamins and minerals
Use very aggressive products with your hands
Bumps on the nails
The use of false nails

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