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Homemade Remedies and Tips for Sunburn

What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is the redness of the skin, which usually occurs after a long period of time to exposure to the sun, as to another type of ultraviolet light.

These are the Best Homemade Remedies for Sunburn

  • Aloe vera
  • Yogurt or milk
  • Green or black tea
  • Cucumber

Aloe Vera for Sunburn

To use aloe for sunburn, follow these guidelines:

  • Cut a piece of the aloe leaf. If you cut it all, it will take longer to grow, and you may have to discard what you do not use, so it is preferable to cut only what you are going to process.
  • Clean it well, remove the skin with a sharp knife, and remove the gel. If you see yellow parts, remove them because they contain a lot of aloin and could be irritating, getting the opposite effect to the rest of the gel of the plant, which will calm the skin.
  • If you do not have a plant, in pharmacies, or some supermarkets, you can find the prepared gel.
  • Apply a fine layer of gel directly on the sunburn, with the fingertips, and very careful not to hurt yourself. You can also use it for sunburn.
  • On the face since there is no problem as it is a very soft and beneficial remedy for the skin, even if it is a more sensitive area.
  • Let the skin absorb the gel completely.

You can apply this as many times as you want. Also, we suggest you try to make this cream that contains aloe and rosehip oil, since the latter is a great ally for the skin, helping to soothe and regenerate it.

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Cold Yogurt or Milk for Sunburn

The dairy products contain proteins that are useful to protect and soothe the skin. And if they are cold, they reduce blood circulation, which decreases inflammation and relieves discomfort.
Chill a can of yogurt or a container of milk.

  • If you use yogurt, just spread it on the skin while it is cold.
  • For milk, wet a soft, clean towel and squeeze it well.
  • Cover the burn with the towel or cloth gently.
  • Leave it on the skin until it warms. Repeat if necessary, but remember to keep the milk cold.
  • In both cases, rinse with warm or cold water and dry without rubbing.

Tea for Sunburn

Whether green or black, tea has the ability to relieve the discomfort caused by sunburn thanks to its content of tannic acid and theobromine. Of course, consider it a treatment that takes time to prepare, so you can apply another remedy while cooking tea.

This is how you have to prepare tea for sunburn and apply it :

  • Boil 3 or 4 cups of water and shortly after starting to boil turn off the heat.
  • Add 2 or 3 green or black tea bags.
  • Let it cool completely and then take it to the fridge.
  • Soak compresses in tea and apply them on the affected skin.
  • Change the compress as many times as necessary.

If you have sunburn on your face, you can also place tea bags or damp pads on it to relieve inflammation and pain.

Cucumber for Sunburn

Cucumber water and cucumber slices are two beneficial homemade products for skincare. Containing a large amount of water is one of the best options to refresh burned skin.

Take note of how to use cucumber for sunburn :

  • Cut a cucumber into slices, which you should have had before in the fridge for several minutes, and use them on the affected area.
  • If you want the remedy to last longer, prepare cucumber water by cutting several slices of cucumber and leaving them in a jar with water in the fridge.
  • To get wet in this cloth, gauze or cotton discs to place on your sunburned skin throughout the day.
  • If you have sunburn on the face, we recommend trying this Cucumber and natural yogurt mask to relieve facial skin.
  • Although you also can apply it in other areas with minor burns. Now that you have known several home remedies for sunburn.

Tips to Cure Sunburn

  • Hydrate! No treatment will be effective enough if you don’t drink a lot of fluids and hydrate properly so that the body functions better and can also provide hydration from inside to the burned area.
  • Water is your best friend, so bathe in warm or slightly cold water every time you feel it is necessary. This is the simplest home remedy to apply and will relieve you a lot, but on its own, it is not enough to cure burns.
  • None of these home remedies that we will show you have to block properties or somehow protect against the sun, but they help to heal the skin after the burn.
  • If the burns are very large or severe or you have dizziness, headache or chills, see a doctor. Do it equally if the lesions do not respond to treatments in a short time or if at some time they become infected.

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