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What Should You Know About the Laser Hair Removal Process?

Laser Hair Removal Process: More than 1 million laser hair removal procedures are done in the United States annually. That’s a 52% increase since 2000, and the growth is expected to continue. This is the solution that many Americans choose to deal with pesky hair so they don’t have to shave daily.

If you’ve never had laser hair removal but are interested in this cosmetic procedure, you may have some questions about what to expect. It’s imperative that you know as much as you can about this procedure before you have it done.

Who Can Have Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is suitable for most individuals. One of the only contraindications for this procedure is pregnancy. It might also be recommended that you don’t have laser hair removal if you have skin conditions that affect the targeted treatment area.

Before you have laser hair removal, you’ll undergo an evaluation to ensure that you’re healthy enough for the procedure. It’s imperative that you’re fully honest about your medical and personal histories.

How Should You Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

In the six to eight weeks before the laser hair removal procedure, you shouldn’t wax or tweeze the area that will be treated. You also shouldn’t go through electrolysis in the area. Be sure to keep up with shaving during this time. Shaving before laser hair removal is ideal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal targets the pigment in the hair. The light kills the cells in the hair follicle’s root so it won’t produce hair. Because hair grows in cycles, it will take time to achieve optimal results. This is because laser hair removal only works on active hair follicles, so the dormant ones will produce hair when they become active.

The laser becomes hot during each session, so laser hair removal machines have cooling machines that offset this to help keep you comfortable.

People who have light hair might not achieve the results they want as quickly as those who have dark hair. Skin color can also have an impact on the effectiveness of laser hair removal; however, most laser hair removal machines have options for multiple skin tones.

The laser hair removal session length will depend on how large of an area is being covered. It can take 30 minutes to complete laser hair removal on the legs, but only five minutes for the upper lip.

What Can You Expect After Laser Hair Removal?

Most people think that the laser hair removal process ends when the procedure is done. The truth is that you can expect to have some symptoms after you leave the office. For many people, these symptoms will only last a day or two after the procedure.

You may experience inflammation in the area where you had the treatment. Irritation and redness are also possible. You shouldn’t do anything that can increase your body temperature or that could irritate the skin for at least 24 hours.

It will take multiple laser hair removal sessions to get the results you desire. Most people need three to eight sessions to lose 85 to 90% of the hair in the treatment area. Periodic maintenance treatments can help to keep the area hair-free for the long term.

Most people will see the most significant results after the second or third procedure. You will have four to six weeks between appointments until the hair is largely gone.

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