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5 ideas (Easy and Super Trendy) to Do your Nails at Home

Yes, we know. You are used to sitting in front of your manicurist and letting yourself go (after months it has a terrible impact on you, and it is also a true beacon of trends), but there are times when we have to stand by ourselves and do our nails alone and at home. Ready to get inspiration? Warning: DIY is not so bad …

Nails at Home that can go Wonderfully

Let’s be realistic. We can not compare our level of “manicure first” with that of a professional, and, for this reason, here we bring you a selection of ideas to do your nails without help (well, with ours) and that they stay more than decent.

  • Step 1: apply two coats of the Gel Couture color of your choice. Do not forget to protect your nails before with a quality base.
  • Step 2: finish with a gel effect finish thanks to the topcoat of the range.
  • Step 3: Open your eyes as ideas come!

Animal print Manicure

Surely you have seen more than one of your reference influencers, and you have rejected the idea because it seemed too much for you. Well, do not underestimate yourself because this trend is not so difficult. Do you dare with the cow print? Follow the steps we have described above and choose a creamy white background color and then, with a spike and black enamel, make the stains—the more irregular, the more real. Finally, seal with a topcoat layer.

French Manicure in “Glitter” key

That the French Manicure has released its mane is something that we have been saying for a long time, that yes, it will never cease to be the maximum expression of elegance. Our proposal is simple. A glitter base like Fairy tailor and a fine line of glitter on the final edge of the nail. Use stickers to make the finish perfect.

Rainbow Manicure

As simple as painting a nail of each color or, if you prefer, all the nails of one color except one. The combinations are endless, but what we do recommend if you are a first-timer is that you respect the same color range. What you do in one hand, replicate it in the other!

With Spots

We are very fans of minimalist Manicure, and we want to stick it to you. Do you like polka dots on clothing? Well, you will like them more in your hands. As always, choose a solid transparent or colored base and, with a stick, draw the points. The latter we leave to your imagination … although you already know what the glitter takes (wink).

With Custom Drawings

This proposal is not suitable for all audiences, but we could not hide it from you because it is a clear trend. Work on a smooth base color and start creating with a finer brush than enamel. Don’t complicate yourself, the simpler the drawing, the better.

Do you see it? Doing your nails at home has its point. Now we want to see your photos on IG with the result!

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