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These 10 Mistakes are Most Common when Dyeing Hair at Home

Dyeing Hair: Because the salons are closed due to the coronavirus, we currently play hairdressing ourselves. If you are looking to dye your hair at home, you should avoid these mistakes.

If you want to dye the hair yourself, there are a few things to consider. It is a lot cheaper to dye the mane at home than to let the professional do it, but there are some difficulties. You should avoid the following ten mistakes if you play hairdressing yourself:

1. Don’t Prepare Properly

Mix the agent, and off you go! Most believe that. But wrong thought because there is a lot to prepare for dyeing hair. In the middle of the application, it is usually noticed that a mirror for the back of the head would be quite good. Before you get started, be sure to provide the following things:

  • Dye brush makes it easier to apply the paint
  • Hair clips (made of plastic) and style comb for parting and parting the hair sections
  • Small mirror facilitates application on the back of the head
  • Old towel and old clothes so that there are no unwanted stains
  • Kitchen alarm clock or set cell phone alarm: So the exposure time is not forgotten.

2. Do not Protect Skin

Protecting the skin is also part of the right preparation. So that the color does not leave unsightly stains, it is useful to spread petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, or creams all over the hairline, face, and neck. This is how you protect your skin and then have no procedure to get rid of stains.

3. Do not Carry out an Allergy Test

Each color pack contains the note that an allergy test should be carried out 48 hours before use. Failing to do so can have unpleasant consequences. For the test, you should simply apply a small part of the color behind the ear with a cotton swab and check that the skin does not show an allergic reaction.

4. Don’t Care for Hair Beforehand

If you have damaged hair, you should take good care of it before dyeing. It is advisable to spoil the Schopf with a cure a few days beforehand. Because if the hair structure is too porous when applied, the hair will absorb the color very differently. This can lead to unsightly stains and an irregular result.

5. Underestimate the Starting Color

Is the result not as you imagined it to be? This could be because you have not correctly assessed your initial hair color. A table with colors is shown on each pack. Always compare your hair color with the chart before applying so you know what kind of result you can expect.

Is the color too bright or dark? Don’t panic: after a few washes, the coloring or tint is generally a little faded. However, if you are still not quite sure about this, then instead of using a permanent coloring, you can also use a tint. It washes out again.

6. Have too High Expectations

With color packs, you can achieve great results at home. However, all wishes cannot be fulfilled in your own four walls – be aware of that. For significant color changes, going to the professional is essential. For example, if you fancy switching from brown to blonde, then you won’t be able to change overnight. It can take several staining processes to reach your destination. What is required is an analysis of the hair structure and a thorough knowledge of the chemical processes that take place during dyeing.

7. Buy too Little Paint

The rule is: it’s better to use too much color than not enough. If not all parts get the same amount of color, this leads to an irregular color result. And you definitely don’t want that! A pack of hair dye usually contains 80 to 120 milliliters of color. This is only enough for shoulder-length, normal thick hair. If you have longer hair or a thicker mane, you should definitely buy at least two packs.

8. Color the Whole Hair

It is no secret that permanent dyeing is not suitable for the hair. The entire crotch does not always have to believe. In drugstores, there are many so-called neck sets, with which only the neck can be colored, and the rest of the hair is spared.

9. Do not Take care of Hair After Dyeing

Have you often asked yourself why the color is washed out so quickly? One reason for this may be that you are not using the right care after dyeing. Be sure to use shampoo and care products for colored hair. Maybe there are also exclusive products for your hair color – so much the better!

10. Underestimate Durability

They dare to do an experiment for fun and think the color washes out anyway. Attention! This is not always the case. Because, especially with blonde hair, a tint cannot simply be washed out again. Do not underestimate the durability of a tint and choose the right product: there are gentle tints without hydrogen peroxide and more intense tints with.

Packs without hydrogen peroxide are quickly washed out again. Products with hydrogen peroxide can fade, but never wash out thoroughly.

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