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Makeup Bases Foundation – Its Types and Brands

We must not forget that each skin has its needs, so we must know which foundation to choose and which shade is the most suitable for our face.

How to Choose Your Makeup Base (Foundation)?

When choosing the base, two factors must be taken into account: skin tone and skin type. we have to select the type of makeup base we want (mousse, liquid, powder.)

Dry Skin

This type of skin is characterized by being dull, tight, and lacking in hydration. Therefore, we will need the base to be juicy, hydrate, and not dry out.

Mixed or Oily Skin

They have a lot of shine, accompanied by acne and blemishes. They are compassionate and tend to have redness, so proper care is needed. It is best to use a mattifying foundation that is good coverage to cover these types of problems.

Normal Skin

this type, luckily, you can choose with more freedom, although fluid and satin foundations are suitable for this skin type.

According to Skin Tone

  • Pink skin
    Beige or yellow bases.
  • Dark skin
    Golden tones to enhance the natural tan.
  • Dull or sallow skin
    Slightly pink base, to provide freshness.

Types of Makeup Bases (Foundations)

Cream Makeup Bases

They are moisturizing and have a very smooth texture, although not all brands make them. Its coverage is medium-low since it leaves a very natural finish.

Liquid Bases

It is the most common and easy to find since they are the most versatile for working on the skin. Its coverage is medium-high.

They normally use for all skin types, but with specific formulations for each: in the case of oily or combination skin, it should not have an oily base. If you have dry skin, you should have it.

Powder Bases

They are also very common and widely used in the makeup world. We find it in two ways: compressed powder (in compact cases, it can be high or low coverage, and is ideal for skin without blemishes) and mineral powder (it should apply with a brush, and you can work in layers, with high coverage).

As I said, they are ideal for oily skin with few blemishes, as they control oil and leave a natural tone. However, if your skin is dry, you should hydrate your face very well before applying them.

Bar Bases

They are not very common to find. Professional makeup artists usually use them since it has very high coverage and is easy to apply.

They are very useful to cover scars or marks. They work best on dry skin since on oily skin, and you have to seal them well.

BB Cream Bases

They started in Korea and have become popular in the rest of the world. These bases cover imperfections and unify skin tone, but also work as sunscreen, moisturizing, and wrinkle prevention, among others. And we find them designed for different types of skin. All in one.

Which Instrument to Use to Apply Foundation?

Beauty Blender

It has become a widely used tool in the makeup world. It has a design to give a perfect finish and to reach every corner. Perfect for a fluid foundation.


sponge is perhaps the one that requires the most time to use to achieve an excellent finish. It is recommended to use it moistened so that it is easier to apply. It is suitable for the fluid and stick base.

Base Brushes

In this option, we find many models of different types and brands. It will depend on the finish you are looking for, but the result is usually quite good since it distributes the product evenly.


If what you are looking for is a natural finish, then this is your best option. Body heat makes it melt more easily, giving a very light and natural finish. If you have little time to put on is also an option for you.

The Best Brands of Makeup Bases

  • Fit Me by Maybelline
  • Hd Liquid Coverage by Catrice
  • Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1, by Milani
  • The Eraser, by Maybelline
  • Infallible Stick, by L’oreal Paris
  • Lily Lolo SPF 15 mineral base
  • Soft Touch Mousse by Essence
  • BB Cream M Perfect Cover, by Missha
  • BB Cream Bonjour Nudista, from L’oreal Paris
  • Double Wear by Estee Lauder

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