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How to Apply Makeup during the Day? Natural Makeup, Quick and Easy

The makeup day should be natural to highlight all our great beauty without artifice. Some women prefer to go with their faces washed, while others feel more comfortable when they do a little makeup. However, no one wants to waste too much time in front of the mirror every morning.

If you are looking for natural makeup, quick and easy to look better than ever, here are some tips. We tell you how to put on makeup during the day like a professional.

How Should a Day Makeup be?

To go to work, to meet friends, to spend a morning in the park with our children. Daytime makeup should be natural so that it contrasts with the makeup we use on special occasions.

However, we also want to hide the small imperfections of the skin and highlight its best virtues. So you have to find the middle ground between an artificial image and nonexistent makeup.

But when putting on makeup during the day, you must also take into account the time we dedicate to it and the difficulty of its lines. The last thing we want every morning is to have one more headache or have to get up sooner. So the perfect daytime makeup is easy and quick to apply.

Tips for Applying Natural Makeup During the Day

The Importance of Facial Cleansing

If we are looking for a natural makeup with which we can go to work every day, we must focus on preparing the skin well. The first step for any makeup to look good is to subject your skin to a good cleaning to remove excess oil from the skin and the dirt that you have accumulated so far.

The daily makeup ritual goes far beyond getting up in the morning and applying the foundation in any way when you get out of the shower. Use using a toner, gel, neutral soap, or lotion that suits your skin type. Apply it with clean hands or use a cotton ball to clean the entire face thoroughly and rinse it well with plenty of water.
Facial cleaning, the first step to make up during the day

Apply a Natural Foundation

The base is not mandatory in a day makeup, but some women prefer to apply it to hide skin imperfections. Find support that is very similar in color to your skin so that when it extended, it is not too evident. You should try to cover all skin blemishes without noticeably changing the tone of your face.

Always apply makeup with a brush to save on products and ensure more excellent coverage throughout the day.

Spread in circular movements with a skunk-type brush, without pressing towards the face or if, on the contrary, you want a more covering makeup, use a flat brush to spread it as if you were painting.

Put on a thin layer, and make sure you don’t get stains. To avoid the masking effect, put a little foundation on your neck and blend well under the jaw.

Finish your base coat with some translucent powders to set the makeup well and last longer intact. Besides, this step will help you hide the unsightly glitters on the forehead and chin. The best makeup base for you.

The Concealer and Highlighter, Essential for Everyday Life

  • Although what we are looking for is that the day makeup is fast and natural, two products cannot miss the concealer and the highlighter. Its use is easy, but its results are beneficial. With a few small strokes, those imperfections that horrify you when you look in the mirror every morning will disappear.
  • Learning to use the illuminator is an easy task, but you must be careful not to abuse it, or you will end up looking like a raccoon. The illuminator should use at strategic points on the face, fins of the nose, upper part cheekbone, and upper part of the eyebrow, on the eyebrow, below, just on the bone and the tear.
  • To increase this effect of depth on the face, you can apply a little blush of very soft color in the area of the cheekbones.
  • The green concealer will help you to hide the redness on your face and pimples. You must be careful not to over-count yourself, or the result could be too unnatural.
  • On the other hand, the lilac or violet concealer is perfect for concealing the yellowish tones of the skin.
  • Concealer kits also usually include one in orange or salmon that will serve as dark circles. The yellow concealer will also serve you for this purpose. By having this hue, it helps you balance the violet or blue areas of the skin.
  • Pinkish or full-skin concealers will also help hide small skin problems. Take advantage of those that are darker to give your face more depth. Apply it well blurred on the upper part of the forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and on the sides of the nose to sharpen the features of your face.

Express Eye Natural Makeup

In the day today, you can not spend half an hour casting shadows on your eyes, but it takes no time to make a perfect eyeliner for your eyes. Use the type of eyeliner that is most comfortable for you and make a beautiful line over your upper eyelid lash line. To make your makeup suitable for going to work, do not lengthen the corner of your streak too much.

Mascara daytime makeup, and you can achieve with a very little. Spread mascara with the brush on the lashes, and end of your eye.

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And for the Lips, Simple  Natural Makeup

Daytime makeup also supports lipstick. Bet on discreet colors that you do not have to be retouching all day. You can also get a gloss to brighten your lips or a moisturizing balm with a light touch of color.

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