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4 Exercises to Eliminate Fat from the Inner Thighs [2020]

How to lose inner thigh fat? We present to you the definitive exercise routine to eliminate fat from the inner thighs, which is super effective and takes no more than 15 minutes!

Removing fat from the inner thighs is a job that, for many, is more complicated than getting rid of the annoying tummy. Is this your case? We understand you! Precisely for this reason, today, we want to share how to lose inner thigh fat with the best exercises to tone this part of the legs and forget forever about the uncomfortable chafing of the inner thighs. Ready to start?

4 Exercises to Remove Fat from the Inner Thighs

1. Scissor Jump

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Start with scissor jumps to warm up your inner thighs. First, jump by opening legs and arms at the same time, for about a minute. Keep your knees slightly bent and rest for 30 seconds in the end. Do 3 repetitions. Note: This exercise also works to combat sagging legs.

2. Sumo squat with weights

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Now place your feet wider than your shoulders, with the toes facing outward. Then, take a dumbbell of a maximum of 2 kg, bring your glutes back, lower your hip and lower the weight in the middle of the inner thighs, without touching the floor. Go up and repeat 15 times, for 3 successions.

3. Burpees

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If you’ve been wondering how to do burpees correctly, take the following steps: Stand up straight, jump down, and support yourself on four points. Then do a lizard and go back upstairs with another jump. Do the procedure 10 more times, rest for half a minute, and repeat 2 cycles.

4. Up and Down Sideways

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To finish, lie on your side, support your head with your lower hand and place a medium resistance garter at the beginning of the thighs. Focus on opening your knees without taking your feet off, load all the work on your inner thighs, exhale when opening, inhale when closing, and do 10 beats per side again.

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