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How to get Permanent Nails at Home? | Divine Beauty

If you are tired of doing your nails every two by three or you just want to try something new when it comes to manicures, permanent nails are the answer, and no, you do not have to go to a beauty salon to do them.

We tell you how to do lasting nails at home and achieve a result of 10. Permanent enameling has the great advantage of lasting up to 3 weeks, and not only that, but it will do it like the first day.

Steps to Follow to get Permanent Nails at Home

What do I Need to do a Permanent Nails or Permanent Manicure at Home?

To get a long-lasting permanent nail polish, you’ll need a durable nail varnish in the color you like best, gel primer, topcoat (to seal the enamel), and a UV light lamp. The drying provided by the lamp is what will make your nails look beautiful and shiny for much longer. On the other hand, permanent enamels composed of a soluble and pigmented acrylic gel that make your designs more durable. Don’t worry, and you will find all this in a complete kit for a permanent manicure in your usual beauty shop.

You should always have your hands and nails well hydrated to prevent them from drying out excessively.

Prepare the Nails

First of all, you must prepare the nails, for this cut them a little since doing it once they painted is more complicated. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any possible bacteria and, if necessary, treat the nail cuticles to make them look even more beautiful.

Apply the Glaze and Dry with the UV lamp

Once the previous step done, the nails are ready for permanent enameling. Put the first coat of gel primer and allow it to air dry. Then add a layer of lasting enamel and dry under the UV lamp. Put the second coat of nail varnish and dry again with the light.

To Finish your Lasting Nails, Topcoat

Finally is to put a thin layer of high skin to seal the color of the polish and make shiny. As you will see, the topcoat is skinny. So you can dry it outdoors or with the light lamp, a minute.

Frequently asked Questions about Permanent Manicure

  • You are surely wondering how long it will take you to do all the steps. Although they may seem like many, you will have your perfect nails in less than 40 minutes.
  • What to do if I  tired of that nail design? If you want to remove the color from your permanent nails, you should get an exceptional product to remove this enamel, because as you have been able to deduce, the usual enamel remover is not enough.
  • Can I get my permanent nails done at home if I don’t have the UV lamp? Yes, with the continuous manicure kit, they just won’t last as long as you do with the light.
  • No more doing your nails every week or spending a fortune. Now you can have the perfect nails for many days, do you dare to try?

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