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How does your body resist losing weight and how to help it become lighter and healthier?

Staying fit is important. However, it is quite difficult in today’s time as manual labor has been replaced by sitting on chairs for 8 hours and working in front of a screen. The increased screen time has left people with little time to focus on their fitness regime.

According to a private gastric band surgery, even if people do focus on their fitness, losing weight takes a lot more time than gaining does. This often demotivates people to stay consistent and many give up in the first few days. But ever wondered why this happens? Well, here are a few reasons why our body resists losing weight.

1. You are undereating

We have often heard cutting on food consumption can help reduce weight. But is it the healthy way to do it? Sure, maintaining a certain diet can help in effective weight loss but you need to ensure that you include the right proteins in your diet too.

When you are not consuming enough food, the body often goes into survival mode. Less calorie intake is taken as a stressor that messes up metabolism and reduces the rate of calorie burning in our body.

2. You are over-exercising

Just how people think undereating can help them reduce weight, they also think that over-exercising can fasten the process. That, however, is not true. Since everybody’s body type is different, the workout that works better for one might not work for another individual. That is why you need to ensure that you are exercising the right way according to your body type.

If you are feeling extremely tired and lethargic after working out instead of refreshed and energetic, your body is giving a stress response and is holding onto your weight as a way of protecting itself. Try different types of exercise or talk to a fitness expert to know what suits your body the best.

3. You are not consuming essential fatty acids

Losing excess fat is important but that doesn’t mean our bodies don’t require fat at all. To bust some myths, for a body to function properly, fat is extremely important. If you cut fat out of your diet completely, it might do more harm than any good to you.

Your diet must be a combination of proteins, essential fatty acids, etc., to help your body remain fit and get you through the day. In absence of these acids, your body will resist losing weight and leave you wondering where you are going wrong in your diet.

4. You are not enjoying your food

If we want our bodies to remain happy and healthy, we need to enjoy whatever goes in. Constantly stressing out about the food you are eating or eating something that is healthy but isn’t liked by your taste buds, might induce a negative response from your body.

While it is always a good idea to switch to healthy food items, you should include things that taste good to you. Forcefully eating healthy stuff won’t help you in any way. They will only lead to your body holding on to the weight for a longer time.

5. Your gut microbiome is imbalanced

Having a healthy gut is extremely important if you want your body to remain fit and fine. There are good as well as bad bacterias present in the gut. The main goal is to ensure that the good outweighs the bad, to maintain the proper balance in one’s body.

In case there is an imbalance, not only will it reduce the speed of weight loss in an individual but might also lead to severe health issues if not treated properly.

6. You don’t need to lose weight

We all have different body types. However, society makes us hate our own and tries to convince us that the ideal body type is something else. Sometimes we take on the advice and try to lose weight, which doesn’t happen even after a long time. The reason is simple if you are doing everything right. Your body has the right weight and you don’t need to lose anymore.

If you have the perfect BMI, only focus on staying fit. You don’t need to push your body to the extreme.

How do you fix these issues?

Now that we know that just reducing food consumption and exercising aren’t the only two things that you need to focus on for losing weight, how do you ensure you are doing things right? Listed below are few things to help you out:

1. Take a weight loss DNA test

Understanding what your body needs and doesn’t need is the first step towards losing weight and becoming a fitter version of yourself.

Taking an at-home DNA test can help you understand your genetics and how your body operates in terms of storing fat, metabolizing carbohydrates, and reacting to diets. Be sure to check out a quick overview of all the possibilities here. There are several such tests available that will help you understand how your body works. This information can help you modify your weight-loss strategies to work with your body

2. Maintaining a diet

We can’t deny that diets do play an important role in helping our body stay fit and healthy. However, diet doesn’t mean eating very little. It should include all important nutrients, proteins, and fat that your body requires to function properly in the right amounts. It has been observed that maintaining a proper diet helps more in losing weight than just exercising as you are taking care of what goes into your body.

3. Exercising the right way

While over-exercising might harm the body, exercising the right way will help you in the long run. It also helps an individual in fixing their metabolism. You just need to pick the right exercises that are suitable for your body type.

Also, when you start exercising, don’t start with something huge the very first day. Increase your time and change your workout exercises accordingly as you get into a habit of exercising.


Staying fit should be everyone’s top priority. The only way to do that is not to go crazy over diets and exercises. Rather, one should focus on the needs of their body and do a proper combination of diet and exercise that suits them the best.

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