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Starting Your Own Eyelash Extension Business? Here are 5 Useful Tips

Eyelash Extension Business: Eyelash extensions, since their inception and introduction into make-up artistry, have seized the world of beauty by storm and have evolved with the times and trends.

These synthetic fibres, when attached to your lashes, give you a fuller and often younger appearance, bringing out the beauty of your eyes and enhancing the outline of your face.

Made popular by celebrities, runway models, pop culture and the media, eyelash extensions have morphed from being a glamorous and fascinating beauty tool used by a select few to becoming a staple for everyone interested in enhancing their looks and bringing their beauty to the fore.

Starting an eyelash extension business is a wonderful idea that any entrepreneur in the beauty industry must at least consider due to the thriving and booming nature of the business.

It is a business that is dominating the trends but one that requires the know-how to ensure it is successful.

Here are five useful tips you need to start your own eyelash extension business.

1. Get Trained

There’s a popular saying that “you cannot give what you don’t have”. To start a lash extension business, you must first have a solid knowledge of the various forms, styles and techniques of eyelash extensions.

Generally, eyelash extensions occur in three forms, which are the synthetic, the mink/smooth and the silk forms. They also come in different curls, thickness and lengths. The style desired by the consumer often determines the form employed. The prominent styles are the Classic style, the Russian style, the Hybrid style – which is a cross between the Classic and the Russian. Also there is the Express style.

Each of these styles have their unique techniques and you can get professional training from eyelash extension courses and learn from professionals to become a pro yourself. And once you get trained, these are the next steps to follow.

2. Master the market

Know the various suppliers and shops and how much they sell their products. Also know the other lash businesses that will be your competition and know the fees they charge. You must master the revolving market around the business you want to get into.

You will need essential materials and equipment such as, of course, eyelash extensions, glues, tweezers, disinfectant wipes and spray, furniture like a lash bed and chairs, drawers and carts, mirrors and bedside lights and more. It is important for you to know the prices of these materials from the various shops and their quality relative to each one and make the decision on who your suppliers will be from that information.

You should also survey the fees charged by other lash businesses and decide what range your service will be going for as well.

3. Draw a business plan

Now you need to draw up a business plan. Is your business going to be a sole proprietorship? Are you going to have partners or staff? If yes, what will be the well defined roles of each person? What will be the share of the risks and profits? You also need to make a decision on location. 

Location in business is almost as important as the quality of service. You need to establish a base of operations, where you will be working from, and for a beauty business like lash extensions, you would want that to be somewhere that is easily accessible, preferably a serene and peaceful environment. You want your workspace to be spacious and aesthetic, you want customers to step in and already feel more beautiful than they came in. So your workspace should have very good lighting as well.

Part of your plan should also include how you would like to source for your customers. One useful tip is to set up your business on a booking site or app. That way potential customers can go through your catalog of services and book at their own convenience.

4. Don’t hesitate, Get capital

It takes money to make money. Do not let the thought of money to be spent on training and setting up a workplace or buying materials derail you from starting your lash extension business. Think instead of how you can grow your business, because once you do that, recouping your capital will take just a few clients.

5. Build your brand

Social media is the perfect tool for this, especially Instagram. Be visible, let people see your works. Have pages for your brand, if possible, an official website and YouTube channel where you can also give tips on eyelash extensions treatment. Before and after treatment photos and weekly beauty tips can really help sell your brand as well.


So there we have it, if you are looking to start your own eyelash extension business, these are sure tips to get you on your way to success.